Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Project || Kiwi Crate for Kids

I'll admit, I am not very creative in the art department for little ones. I need loads of help!
I spend lots of time on Pinterest trying to come up with "projects" that will make my kids say,
"Mommy is my favorite!" It's true.

So I went ahead and ordered KIWI CRATE...
when it came to our door last week, my kids were THRILLED! And I was relieved to have a project
in a box with educational flash cards and EVERYTHING needed (down to the tape)
to complete a super fun, "I never could have come up with that on my own", experience!!!

Thanks, Kiwi Crate!!! THREE WORDS = we are fans.

So you get hands-on fun and learning for kids ages 3+ (you can choose your child's age)!
For as little as $16.95 a month, Kiwi Crate members receive all the materials and inspiration
needed for 2-3 arts, science, and play activities - plus FREE shipping and handling.

You can join the fun and order HERE!!!
Or keep pinning away over on Pinterest.
Either way.

Here's a peak at all the fun we had making our ZIPLINE FIREFLY >>>

Isaiah (3) was so excited that he could do this ALL BY HIMSELF!
Made my heart happy as a momma. Felt like I was giving him a gift!

It came with glow sticks so that the firefly could REALLY glow!!!

Isaiah slept with "firefly" that night. Kiwi Crate curated more than a box
of "projects" for my little one - they managed to create a moment that will
forever be cherished in my heart.

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  1. I'll have to remember this when my future niece is old enough to do crafty things!! :))) I guess I'll get it for her... Even though she's already a punk in utero. :)

    1. awww haha!!! it's a good time, Caty!!! you should see Citrus Lane!!! Totally BABY geared!!!


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