Thursday, October 31, 2013

Things You Didn't Say When We Were Dating

I'm not going to sugar-coat it for you... marriage changes things.
I mean it's nothing to write home about, but it's something you might want
to mention to your brain. One day you don't care if you both just ate
a minced garlic pizza, you're gonna make-out... next thing you know
you're passing out Orbit and asking him not to put his arm around you
because oh. my. gosh. you're messing up my hair!

Each passing year brings us to a whole new level of comfortable.
We do and say things that would shock and appall our "dating" selves,
and I love it. Our relationship becomes more transparent, more authentic,
more worn, warm, tried, and true as the days slip into years and the years
weave together the tapestry of a lifetime.

Here's to being more open about bodily functions,
telling each other what we really think,
and brushing our teeth before anything goes down!

"Please take your hand off my back. It's sticking to me."

"I love it when you fall asleep in the kids' room
so that I can have our queen-size bed all to myself."

"Brush your teeth. I want to kiss you."

"Do you like these skinny jeans on me?"
"I like YOU."
"Yea, but the skinny jeans?"
"I like YOU."

"Let's play masseuse. I'll be your customer."
"I'm tired and have to work in the morning."
"I wish I was still your GIRLFRIEND."

"You look pretty when you sleep. Except when you fall asleep sitting up.
Then it's all ugly - weird eye movement - and drooling with your mouth open."

"You make that ZIT look beautiful."

"Ok. Don't kiss me anymore. You taste like turkey."

"I don't want to hold your hand on the carousel,
it's sweaty and people will think we're weird."

"Don't go to sleep. Stay up with me and work... and eat apple pie!"
"I'm sooooo tired."
"If we were dating you would NOT be sleeping."
"If we were dating I would NOT be getting up for work at 5:30AM."

And they all said, "Amen."

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  1. ooohh so true! Glad its not just us :)

  2. good point on the last one! lol. and yes girl, *sigh* things definitely change!

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  4. Aaahh so true!! The things they don't tell you about marriage :)

  5. HAHAHAHA! best. post. ever.


  6. pahhhh so funny. I need to start writing these types of things down.

  7. Girl, SO SO funny...

    I think I say these things now... OOPS.


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  9. these made me laugh OUT LOUD! I can relate to all. haha


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