Friday, November 8, 2013

Project || one roll of toilet paper + pumpkins

I felt like the coolest mom EVER last week as I handed my kids a roll of toilet paper
and helped them teepee our living room. Ok, maybe the most "desperate" mom EVER. Ha!
$0.50 went a LONG way. My kids were happy. Like deliriously, forget about lunch, happy.
Seriously, it was naptime and Isaiah was like, "Oh yea, can I have a sandwich?"

Moral of the story: engaging your kids in a fun, creative project doesn't
have to be difficult. Just reach under your bathroom sink and get un-rolling!
At least that's what the "best, desperate moms ever" do!

It's still pumpkin season for a few more weeks! Right? Right. Nod your heads.
Since my kids aren't old enough to really carve a pumpkin yet (I mean, we did, but it was a lot
of Nathan carving and kids throwing pieces around the house!), I picked up a bunch of art supplies
for $1 each between Target and Hobby Lobby and let them do pumpkins "their" way!

Be inspired. Go make a mess with your kids today.

and E N J O Y the W E E K E N D

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  1. Replies
    1. brace yourself... your kids are going to LOVE you!!!

  2. It seems like you really enjoyed the toilet paper project! Sometimes it’s really just nice to mess around and have fun. Also, as another possible project with your kids, did you know that you could use those toilet paper rolls to make things like wreaths? It could be fun making that.

    Jana Young


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