Monday, January 6, 2014


I hate it when my favorite TV shows go on "holiday hiatus" - don't you?
Well, I know this is not a TV series and that I am not super popular by any means,
but I DO hope you missed me and my crew just a little!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!!!
It has been so nice to have time to just BE these past couple weeks.
The time brought about unexpected changes, a deeper call to prayer,
and enough tears to sink a fishing boat, but more about that later...

For now, let's bring in 2014 with some laughter!
It just seems like the right thing to do!

Late one night I was working on the couch with a feverish Isaiah by my side.
Judah apparently felt ripped off about having to stay in bed and go to sleep.
After about twenty minutes I heard a little pitter patter in the hallway and...

"Momma, I'm sick."
"Oh you are?"
"Yea. Real sick."
"Tell me about it."
"I am ver-wy, ver-wy sick."
"What hurts."
"Um... my hand."
Go back to bed, buddy. #tryingnottolaugh

Me: "Isaiah, do you want to get your hair cut?"
Isaiah: "Do you want to give me a sucker?"

Me: "When we get to heaven it's going to be GREAT!
We won't be hungry, tired, sick..."
Isaiah: "Wait. Will there by snacks?!"

At the doctor's office, Isaiah had to give a urine sample
and this was Judah's reaction...
Judah: "Juuuuice! YEA! Let's drink it!"
Me: "NO! Don't spill it! We need the pee!"

Isaiah: "I like your ring, mom. It's just like mine."
Me: "Huh? Thanks, buddy. I like yours too!" (I wear a diamond - he wears a plastic skull ring)
Isaiah: "Yea I'm married."
Me: "What?! Who did you marry?"
Isaiah: "A wife."
Me: "What's her name?"
Isaiah: "Momma."
Um - my heart was in a puddle.

Nathan: "You cannot run around naked, Judah!"
Judah: "But I want to see my penis!"
Nathan: *putting diaper back on child*
Judah: "But I can't seeeeeeee it!"
Nathan: "Take a good look, it's private - you have to keep it safe."
Judah: "Is it poison?"
Nathan: "No, nerd."
Judah: "Well, poop is poison."
Judah: "I wuv my penis."

Glad we're back?!

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  1. lol. your childrenisms never fail to disappoint!

  2. so cute! love it. if only we adults could speak and act with such joy and wonder. :)

    gayle | grace for gayle
    I'm a #Previvor!


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