Monday, January 13, 2014

The Husband and the Teapot

When a grown man asks you if you want to have a tea party, you just nod your head and smile...
and quickly put that kettle on, woman, before he realizes what he just signed up for!

My boys gifted me this darling, porcelain teapot for Christmas -
and as much fun as it is for me to just LOOK at it - it brings me that much more joy to employ
this gift. All the while imagining that Maggie Smith, in all of her Downton glory, is keeping me
on my toes between sips with her perfect, British wit!

Yes, I have an imagination that can keep up with the best of Anne Shirleys.
No, it has never gotten me into any trouble. Like ever. Maybe once. Or twice!

So the other night, Nathan offered to use my new teapot with me. I chuckled, possibly rolled my eyes...
it's not like there's anything in it for him! I thought he was joking. He obviously bought the gift so
I can use it with my favorite girl friends at play dates or late at night between gasps of laughter
and bags of chocolate.

Not to use with him. Why would he do that?

Who do you turn to for marriage advice? I'm feeling like it's got to be pretty bad for me as I find
myself taking notes from my own husband on how to BE GIFT. When he offers to do puzzles, give massages, talk for hours, or *and this one floored me* watch an episode or two of Parenthood with me...

I feel about ((( this ))) small.

Crushed really. By such detailed love. It's about the beloved. And that's hard for me to swallow.
At one point in my life I bought a lie. It was labeled: "LOVE MUST BE EARNED."

For years I've been rowing this boat, chanting along the way "earn love! earn love!" -
all the while putting on a circus of charades - bending over backwards, swallowing fire,
wrestling tigers with my bare hands all in the name of "LOVE MUST BE EARNED."

Lately, my spiritual director has been encouraging me to let God love me through my husband
(+ my children). To see it. To mark it down. To relish in the fact that LOVE is given in spite
of EVERYTHING: the messy hair, the burnt pancakes, dirty bathrooms, or the fact that I stayed
in my pajamas ALL day long.

Just you. He loves just you.

My husband could not care less about my teapot. I mean this man could drink his tea out
of recycled aluminum cans and not bat an eye. But he DOES care about me. The little things.

Our God is a God of disguises. Putting on the face, hands, clothing of those around us -
loving us in the little things, the details that seem so insignificant, but are NOTED,

Be loved today.

"Lord Jesus, I give you my hands to do your work, my feet to follow
your path, my eyes to see as you see, my tongue to speak your words.
I give you my heart so you can love through me - so that it is YOU
Christ who lives, works, and prays through me. Amen."

Let's raise our pinkies to that!

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  1. What a treasure your husband is!

    That is a great reminder too…love does not have to be earned - it is a GIFT!

    1. I agree, Laurel! I feel so blessed!!!

      May you receive the gift of love today and always, friend!!! XO

  2. Great post! I've been praying a lot about how specific love is lately. Maybe that doesn't make sense. I've also been thinking we need a girls night sometime SOON! :) I miss seeing everyone!

    1. I think I know what you mean, Rosie - - - like love from God is different, catered for each of us as individuals and our very specific needs/desires?! It's THAT good.

      YES! Girl's night soon! It's been a harsh winter for our little clan - let's make something happen ASAP!!!

  3. Very good point! My husband is notorious for letting me watch junk tv (and usually watching with me), while I groan at the prospect of a sports channel. Thanks for the reminder. :)

    1. Lol!!! We are the SAME way!!!! I keep having to pump myself up for the WORLD CUP that is coming this summer!!! I know it will be on at our house 24/7 and I'm bound and determine to "be gift" to my husband through it all!!!! Thanks for stopping by, Lauren!!! XO


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