Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Why I No Longer Watch: The Bachelor

The premier of this season's "The Bachelor" came along with a social media cyclone of
comments and pictures concerning a certain Juan Pablo and his 27 lady friends.

Not gonna lie, I tried to convince myself that my decision to STOP The Bachelor,
The Bachelorette, Bachelor Pad (I had it bad, guys) madness in my life was prudish,
over-cautious, and down right un-American! I felt a tad on the addict side as I skimmed through
statuses trying to gather the "feel" for this season. Does Juan Pablo really not have all
the lights on upstairs?!
OH. MY. GOSH. Make it STOP!

The last season I watched was Emily Maynard. Can we say, "Oh, Brad?!"
I mean I'm being funny and all, but it's really not funny.

Don't worry, I'm not going to drag out my soapbox or anything!
Goodness, this is a matter of the conscience, the heart.
Roses all around!

I knew after my third year around The Bachelor block that something was amiss deep within me.
I felt restless when watching episode after episode of people acting in ways that don't exactly
bring life. And we all know how I feel about life! Cattiness, arguments, immodesty, promiscuity...
all crammed into what - 9 weeks - give or take? But for the sake of LOVE?
I'm sorry, and I know that it has worked for a handful of couples,
but that is one messy, messed up way of finding love.

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I began to feel guilty, embarrassed for buying into such cheap entertainment -
at the emotional, spiritual expense of the participants.

I would never apply for a show like that.
So why would I tune in and give my vote of approval?

It really hit me hard when my little sister came to stay with me during a season
of The Bachelor. Fourteen years old - and I had this sense to protect her from such
absurd, dysfunctional courtship behavior. A drive to protect what should be so noble,
honorable, and pure - exclusive, alluring, captivating - kicked in and I took a break
from the show so as not to expose her to what I was willing to expose myself to?!

Ding dong. Apparently not all the lights are on upstairs in my own head!

When the next season rolled around, I knew it was time to say "goodbye"...

Out of respect for the participants - because I truly believe they are worth
and deserve so much more than that. To uphold the dignity and sanctity of courtship
and marriage. To honor my own husband and marriage - because honestly, it all made
me a tad restless - wondering about my own personality, body, etc. - wishing we could
go on crazy dates around the world, yadda yadda... cyyyyyyclone.

And that is why I no longer watch The Bachelor.
If you care.
The End.

But seriously, for the love of Juan Pablo... think about it?

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  1. A guy goes around flirting and engaging in intimate behavior with 27 women in 9 weeks.......You can't get much more cheating or messed up behavior than that! I think it's great though that you came out about it and explained why you don't watch it.

    1. Yea -- it really is absurd, isn't it?! It was just all SO entertaining!!! Oh my. I'm glad I came around :-)

  2. Yep! took the words out of my head! I used to be obsessed too! knowing full well every time I watched it I was approving of this kind of "dating" when in reality I do not! Bachelor detox in progress with every new season- I am so human!

    1. Haha another recovering addict!!!! Good for you! We can support each other along the way! XO

  3. I stopped watching after the Dr from the show The Doctors was on it. When The Bachelor first started it was shocking if a kiss was shared, now it's just well you know. Not that I don't watch other shows I probably shouldn't, but I knew I had to stop watching that one.

    1. Yes... it has come a LONG way. Standards and all, down the drain. So not classy. Crazy crazy - and YES, I am sure there are other things I probably should not watch too! Gotta check that conscience all. the. time.

  4. I won't watch the Bachelor anymore either. ABC stopped their ad-supported streaming. Now to see an episode within 8 days of the original air date you have to have cable or a pay provider. I can't both be in school Monday night and watch the Bachelor. Bye-bye Bachelor. Bye-bye ABC ratings.

    1. Oh that's crazy. Well, you're not missing much! School is a much better use of your time anyway, right?!


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