Friday, February 28, 2014

Embryo screening, selective breeding, and playing God.

Recently ABC ran this story on embryo screening for breast cancer.

I wish we lived in a world without breast cancer. I wish we lived in a world
without any disease at all. It's a tragic reminder that we no longer live in Eden;
broken, genetically disordered, flawed, failing, flat-lining...

Mortal bodies with immortal souls. If you believe in that sort of thing.
HOPE, but still sad for so many of us suffering, watching those we love suffer,
losing the battle too big, so many pieces, slipping through our hands. This is not the end.

Katie Moisse for ABC writes, "Breast cancer is the latest disease being bred out of families through
preimplantation genetic diagnosis – an embryo screening test once reserved for fatal genetic disorders."

Here we are talking about in vitro-fertilization; which is a whole moral theology can of worms on its
own. The most startling, to-be-discussed issue here, in the case of breast cancer screening, is that
the defected ones are discarded, thrown away, in favor of more SUPERIOR embryos.

Some are thanking their Jesus for "modern medicine" while others are scratching their heads
wondering if we are pushing ethical boundaries. Let me clarify, I am NOT scratching my head,
but screaming inside and all over my blog now. Lucky you.

Is it just me or does it seem that Nazi, Germany has come to America in high fashion?
The red carpet has been rolled out, and ladies and gentleman, our country seems to be applauding
the fact that we can "GET RID" of the mutants to allow a stronger specimen to live.
It could just be me.

The truth is, they cannot be 100% sure. And even if they are SURE, that a test tube baby
is positively carrying for breast cancer, who is to say that child does not want to live?
Or how long it is going to live? They don't know how many GOOD years, "quality" years, of
happiness and health there will be before the inevitable... death.

We are ALL dying. Today I am 26 years old, and should I die tomorrow from some genetic
disorder that could have been avoided with preimplantation genetic diagnosis, I'm thankful
for the time I DID have... the full life I have lived.

If there is someone out there who wishes their loved one who died from breast cancer
had never been born to suffer at some point in their life - can they please come forward?
This just does not make sense to me. I've lost loved ones from various illnesses - and
I know that I am grateful for EVERY second I had with them.

I believe we walk on thin ice when it comes to playing God.

I understand that suffering is hard. And that is coming from one who does not suffer well.
I run a fever and I call my mother to come hold me. But don't you think we should let life take
its NATURAL course, unfolding the beauty of people and the gifts they have to contribute
to the world... no matter what their genetic code prophesies?

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  1. That is crazy, its not just you. We chose not to do any optional genetic screening, because it didn't matter - unless it was something that would need to be addressed upon birth, we would be making all of the same decisions anyhow. It makes my soul miss Eden.

    1. We've done the same - opting out of genetic screening and all. I can see how people would buy into the whole "but this is the right thing to do" mentality... it sounds so merciful and yadda yadda - CRAP. Man o man, I'd love to see the climate in our world shift to one that embraces life in all its forms - from conception to natural death.

      Heaven is gonna be good!!!!

  2. Feels like watching "Gattaca" all over again. So strange to me how these people seem not to make the connection between the "playing God ends in disaster" scenario and what they themselves are doing. I'm sure for many, they're excited at a chance to eliminate certain diseases, and the suffering of at least some individuals; but at what cost? How can you value certain lives enough to save them, at least in the general sense, but devalue others such that discarding them is an afterthought?

    1. "Gattaca" - never seen it, but now I kind of want to! It is strange, Mel. And soooo scary. I mean we are talking about LIFE here, but even the whole deal with GMOs and all - altering what brings the living LIFE... geeez louise. Let's hope some big pawns in the game make the connection that "playing God ends in disaster" sooner than later... because I'd rather not be a radical hippy - trying to protect my family from all the "things". Sigh.

      Brainwashing. I can't help but think that hours and hours of what? Sex ed? Planned Parenthood propaganda, etc. has taught our nation to think that a "fetus" is not a baby... it's not "life"... etc. Undo the lies. Satan, better run - because I am so tired of this.

    2. Watch Gattaca!! I think its on Netflix. Its from the 90's and back then it was futuristic, but you'll feel like you're watching what we are seeing unfold before our own eyes.

  3. Thank you for voicing this...thank you for making it known that this is NOT good and NOT what out new normal should he. People want to think that it's good...heal the sick, prevent the sickness...they are so brainwashed into thinking its for our own good. We must protest loud and pray louder!

    1. It is my honor to voice this, Katie! To speak for those who have no voice - is something we all must do! Like you said, "we must protest loud and pray louder!" amen amen. I hope and pray my kids grow up in world that embraces and protects all forms of life.

  4. We recently had a Fertility Care Practitioner come speak for Women's Ministry (we heard her speak at Edith Stein and LOVED what she had to say about women's bodies) and she said that their research in conjunction with NaPro technology is getting close to being able to predict breast cancer up to 5 years before getting it. Looking at women's charts and progesterone levels are allowing them to figure out and predict who is susceptible for breast cancer and how to potentially avoid it. Which is UH-MAZING!! This whole genetic screen stuff is crap. Thank you for writing about it! I just wanted to share what we learned and how amazing God AND science TOGETHER really are. I don't think we can have one without the other. Like you said, Nazi Germany.

    1. WOW!!! I love that. I believe it too. I know, from my own charting, how to spot issues with female hormones, etc. It's crazy - and beautiful! I hope it eventually is introduced as "science" - an effective, efficient way to REALLY HELP women with their health! LOVE this. Wish I could have heard the talk myself!!!!

  5. Replies
    1. That's all that's needed :-) May God hear the cry of the faithful!!!


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