Thursday, February 13, 2014

Raising William Wallace in a Justin Bieber World

This post is not only going to age me, but it is also going to define me as the "crazy-mom-lady"
who probably needs to get with the program. Or not. To say that I am concerned about the
ever-increasing God-less behavior that is being reported, complete with graphic details on how to
twerk Robin Thicke or deliver some catchy rhymes all about "the right-wing conservatives think it's
a decision // and you can be cured with some treatment and religion // man-made, rewiring of a
pre-disposition // playing God"
, is an understatement. A war cry from the enemy.
And what do the people do?

They cry, cheer, stand, applaud, record, write, publish - SHARE the news and raise hell for
those "right wing conservatives", or anyone else for that matter, who hasn't gotten on board
the sinking ship of relativism. They act like brainwashing tastes good.

As a Catholic-Christian living in the 21st century, I feel more pushed and cornered than
ever before to nod my head, smile, embrace, and pretend like everyone and their "lifestyles"
and choices are ok.
The flippancy with which the general public treats what once was labeled "sin"
is disturbing. But what sin is to me is not sin to you, and my God is not your God - even if He does
happen to exist - so you're ok and I'm ok. And I am obviously blinded and/or misled by righteous,
religious leaders who see me as Jesus' little lamb - weak, docile, voiceless, freak.

I assure you, if that's what you think I am, you are the blinded one.

Now that we are raising kids in this Justin Bieber world - a world full of seemingly non-affirmed
children pretending to be grown-ups, promoting childish behavior, glamorizing everything from sexual
promiscuity to drug abuse, stepping away from God and morals in general like it's the cool thing to do -
I am thinking twice about what I want my kids exposed to.

People laugh when men and father-figures are portrayed as stupid, ignorant, checked out -
remote control loving and thriving from the recliner. Some sterilized, withdrawn, most likely
depressed with an "I don't care" attitude - feminized, voiceless... I for one want to hear them

People love it when women "own their bodies" - free, radiant, liberated by throwing toxic hormones
(FACT: contraception is a class 1 carcinogen) at themselves every month or by getting in line at the local abortion clinic, playing it classy or raunchy, whatever they prefer, in the name of "women's rights."

People are thrilled that their children are being sexually educated earlier than ever before -
freeing them from the prudish, puritan beliefs of their forefathers. "Save sex for marriage!"
was for your grandma, gosh darn it. Normal, healthy, acceptable. P R O P A G A N D A.

A society that blatantly supports the break down of men, women, and children -
applauding the lack of formation, the quest for eternal childhood, and destruction of
the conscience, all things holy and pure - thus resulting in the ultimate breakdown of the family.

Mainstream society is rooting for ya. Drinks all around.

Now, as disappointing as this may be to you, we will not be moving underground.
I will not be wearing jean jumpers and my husband isn't going to be the leader of our "home Church".

Where is William Wallace when you need him?! I demand to know where the warriors have gone.
Can you imagine the look on Braveheart's face if we handed him an army of Justin Biebers and
One Direction-ers?!?! The only thing most modernists are interested in doing is painting their
faces blue and getting stone drunk at the next big game. Am I the only one concerned?

Where are the great poets, thinkers, inventors, fighters, preachers, saints, and lovers today?
I can tell you this, I'm raising them. And I hope you are too. I hope you are seeing the reality
of our culture for what it is and not settling for the cliche, "times have changed."

Hide your children and your wives?! No, PREPARE your children, your wives, and husbands too.
When the war cry of the enemy is heard, please oh please let there be enough brave hearts to
retaliate with thunderous majesty: "FREEEEDOM!"

I encourage you take a step back and really think about the current situation.
This may be a hard one, but...


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My point exactly.

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  1. "Where are the great poets, thinkers, inventors, fighters, preachers, saints, and lovers today?" You might be raising them but don't ever forget- your parents raised one too! xo

    1. Thank you, Caroline!!! I might just go paint my face blue and run around in a kilt now! Lol. That really means a lot - and I know that comment is a blessing to my parents as well :-)

    2. LOVED this line too!!!

  2. I already shared this on Facebook, but I seriously LOVE this post.

    1. I SO appreciate that!!! You are the best, friend!!! XO

  3. I can't agree more, Brittany! Thanks for writing this post!

    1. You're welcome, Ellen! Thank you for sharing this message today, friend <3

  4. Hi!! As always, I love your blog and it inspires and encourages me in raising my own little warriors!! So in concept, I agree with this post. However, for the first time ever...(I know, eek!)...I would propose another viewpoint. DH and I happen to be about 3 degrees from Justin Bieber, and therefore it's painful to see him painted by the celebrity media in this light, and his every sin and flaw flaunted: he is still a teenager!! He is not even of age to lead a team or be touted as a figure in a leadership position yet... Yes, he has a doting and very concerned mom, but everyone knows how boys struggle to become real men when they eventually feel the need to reach out to their deadbeat dad and find their identity - and don't find it; painful upbringing and early superstardom; he seems to be only doing the things that most teen boys do in this culture...hopefully not our sons, but most.
    If you haven't seen the short movie Crescendo yet, I would recommend snatching it up and watching its intro. I LOVED the movie itself, but I burst into tears when I saw Pattie Mallette's testimony. She cleaned houses and he sang on the streets to make ends meet after she refused to abort him. If you see those pictures of her snuggling her baby boy - I felt like it was me with my own kids - it will break your heart to see her with the strength of St. Monica winning her son's life, and then to see him struggle as he is and be so humiliated over and over in the media...for sure, this mom will pray his soul to heaven. So while I don't think he's a good model of manliness, I also don't think he's a good model of UNmanliness either...because he's not a man yet. I am praying he makes it through - his mom chose LIFE and he has considerable gifts. He needs our support!

    1. Not just cause he's Canadian LOL!!!! :)

    2. Hey thanks for sharing your opinion, Christina!!! I always want to hear your thoughts - even if you don't totally agree with me :-) Makes for great dialogue and gives a new perspective to my other readers.

      I wasn't really targeting Biebs here - I could have picked any mainstream "idol" that everyone would have known and recognized and ran with this. And yes, obviously we're dealing with "Hollywood" material here because if I talked about the "boy down the street" no one would know who I am talking about. I just wanted to pull in some familiar faces to talk about my point. And that is - men and women (BOTH!) are not what they used to be... not be raised or rising up to be the warriors they were created to be. And granted - when I say "warrior" I'm not just talking about beastly war figures - I'm just talking about living a radical, passionate life - unscathed by worldly attractions, sins - and THRIVING for the kingdom.

      Which I think you agree with all that.

      But yea - I don't know. JB is NINETEEN. Recognized as an ADULT in all worldly standards. I know his story pretty well, but I don't think he or anyone else choosing such a lifestyle gets a "free pass" for behavior. Again, 19. That's not a kid. And of course he needs our help and prayers!!! I think the whole world does?

    3. Nineteen is old enough to go to war, get married, have children. Nineteen is an adult. Most "children" of nineteen today do not act like adults at that age, and that is the problem that is being pointed out in the article. They have been coddled and babied, and given 'participation' trophies so their little feelings didn't get hurt, instead of teaching them to strive for their best. It is sickening.

    4. I reciprocate your sentiments, Tammy... for sure.

      I see it the same way - and it is down right scary!

  5. "Where are the great poets, thinkers, inventors, fighters, preachers, saints, and lovers today?
    I can tell you this, I'm raising them."

    Bam. Goosebumps. Amen. You are so right on with this post. Keep it up. Be brave to raise those boys to be brave. And I'll be doing the same over here. Can we please live closer to one another? But seriously, I'm not going to move to the cold ;)

    1. Awwwwwesome, Jessi! With our forces combined....?!?!? May God bless our efforts.

      But the Midwest is so LOVELY!!! MORE snow this weekend!!!!!!! HOLLA! Lol.


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