Friday, May 30, 2014

Uncensored: a real world moment

My husband just took the kids, God bless him, to Walgreens to make copies of
our recent ultrasound pictures. That means I have roughly 30 minutos to vent.

Me and my unshaved legs are sitting here wearing shorts that I have to use a rubber band
to keep shut, with two day old hair, and a stack of chocolate kisses and Starbursts that I may
or may not be shoving into my face. Sure hope my nutritionist isn't reading this.

This week has been rough.

It all started in the pediatric dentist's office. Everything was fine and dandy, high and happy
on silly gas, until that wore off and the reality of a numb cheek and tongue hit my three year old's
reality. Tears. For hours and hours. I broke down and bought everyone a round of "chocolate frosty"
from Wendy's. Truth is, I needed it just as bad as the patient. The good news is, we get
to go back next week and do it all over again!

Then Judah jumped down the stairs and broke his leg like the professional maniac he is.
This kid. Third major incident. He's only 2. He's a prime candidate for a bubble suit.
I'm sure our insurance company would be most thankful. Heck, I would appreciate that.

I survived a 3 hour vacay in the ER with a 2 and 3 year old, 21 weeks pregnant, with ZERO husband.
I was running on adrenaline until I signed the dismissal papers. I then signed myself right in to the
local El Burrito Loco where I stress-ate my way through some tacos al pastor.

In between all that, I was informed at my OB's office that I have gained 7 pounds in 5 weeks.
5 months ago I couldn't gain weight to save my life and now this! 60 pounds, here I come.
Glad I ate those tacos for the sake of the cause.

Then I went and seriously lost my van in the hospital parking garage and walked three floors
with two kids in tow (freaking out because it was "dwark and scwary") to find it.
My husband was like, "for real?" I was like, "shut up."

To top it all off, we got a tour of our local orthopedic surgeon's office.
Judah cried the entire visit. Isaiah picked out his cast color because Judah was
too consumed in screaming at the doctor and drooling the sucker the nurse gave him
all over the place. Thus, everyone got ice-cream again.

And you know what? It could be so much worse.
Miraculously, my house is clean, the dishes are done, and there is food in the fridge.
Isaiah got his tooth filled, Judah will walk again, and the baby en route is looking great!
There are two loads of laundry in my utility room waiting to be folded, but I've got a
couple episodes of Firefly (#nerdalert) and a dozen bacon wrapped dates to eat to wash
away all the anxiety I've bottled up this week before I even touch that.

Lifestyle. It's not always pretty and put together. But we all know that, right?
Shoot. My family just got back from Walgreens.

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