Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Things You Didn't Say When We Were Dating

This past weekend, while on a romantic golf cart ride with our children and my
grandparents (ok, so it wasn't that romantic), I turned around and asked my husband
if he would have been attracted to me if I looked like THIS all the time:

He shot back with the classic, man answer: "You always look like this!"
Me: "No, I usually have SOME make-up on and actually take a shower AND do my hair!!!"
Nathan: "You just look like you... natural. I've always been attracted to natural-looking girls."
Me: "Girlsssssss?!"
Nathan: "Yea. Girlsssssss!"
Me: "I don't want to hear about this!"
PROOF that love is blind.

Nathan: "You used to use a tiny voice. It was so cute and meek."
Brittany: "What are you talking about!?"
Nathan: "Like when I would call you on the phone!"
Brittany: "Oh. Exactly. When's the last time you just called to "chat" with me on the phone?!"

Brittany: "You better always do romantic things with me."
Nathan: "Are you threatening me?"

He used to be able to blink and I would be impressed...
Nathan: "When I was in grade school, I ate a corn dog off the cafeteria floor."
Brittany: "Really?"
Nathan: "And then one time I was at Steak n' Shake and a bunch of kids paid me to
drink all the hot pepper juice."
Brittany: "Are you trying to impress me? Because it's not working."
Nathan: "When I was in grade school, I ate my MILK CARTON."
Brittany: "NO?!" #officiallyimpressed

Nathan: **winks at me**
Brittany: defensively, "WHAT?!"
Nathan: "Every time I wink at you, you think something is up."

Brittany: "Leave me alone."
Nathan: "Are you perturbed with me?"
Brittany: "No."
Nathan: "I'm sensing some perturbation."
Brittany: "Is that even a word?!
Nathan: **Proceeds to read the DICTIONARY definition aloud**
Brittany: "You're perturbing me now."

Brittany: "You didn't try my soup!"
Nathan: "It's ok."
Brittany: "Yea, but you didn't try it!"
Nathan: "It's ok."
Brittany: "What is that supposed to mean!?"
Nathan: "No harm done?"

Please tell me that we aren't the only ones?!

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