Thursday, August 7, 2014

Family Night

The kids are an irreplaceable part of our story. Their beautiful, little lines weave
excitement, variety, surprise, and challenge into our lives; leaving their mark, their legacy
all over the memory of our hearts. I'm glad they are part of our cast of characters.

They are our every day; the harmony to our melody. A song that we are singing pretty much
from the moment they come romping into our bedroom in the morning, begging for breakfast because
they are STARVING, to the moment they fall asleep at night. Parents, relate? A rhythm of potty breaks,
cutting up food, wiping away tears, saving the day. Our lives given to meet their needs, desires.
A crucifixion type love.

And I am honored, humbled to be chosen, to be given, this adventure of parenthood.

For awhile now, we have been setting aside one night each week to exclusively pursue our children.
It's like "date night", but for them. A time separate from the ordinary routine of cuddles,
stories, crafts, trips to the park, or a bath full of bubbles (that in general end up all over my
floor and walls.) Gives me wrinkles. That and play-doh. It's a time to turn off the cell phones,
and set aside all the "work" that just keeps on coming anyway. Restful for all.

Some weeks we get really creative and seem to really cater to "making all their dreams come true" -
like this week! Who knew a $4 car wash could be SO entertaining, fulfilling for a 2 and 4 year old?!

But sometimes we keep it simple - like a movie night with popcorn in a living room tent!

We are always looking for fun, new adventure ideas!
What are some things you enjoy doing with your little ones?
Tell me all the things!!!

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  1. Found you via Catholic Women Blogging Network. This is lovely - we don't schedule time with our kids necessarily, but so try to work it in regularly, like Mommy and Me gymnastics or daddy/daughter smSaturdays spent at Lego League :)

  2. So sweet! Love this Brittany! And I think everyone should wear shine-guards everywhere, just in case! ;)

    1. Oh my goodness. Those shin guards! If we ask him to take them off he starts crying, "I don't LIKE legs!" It is SO funny. I love the little phases that kids pass through. Such good memories in the making!!!


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