Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The BEST Gluten-Free Donuts EVER

I could handle the season of FALL year round. Seriously, the first day that it dropped down
to 68 degrees I had to stop myself from busting out my scarves, wearing boots, lighting candles,
making pumpkin pie, and sipping apple cider all at the same time. Pace yourself, Brittany.
But last winter was seriously scarring. I have not forgotten the polar vortex or the irony of the
movie "Frozen" being released and played on REPEAT in every house, including ours, across America.

So we are taking full advantage of every day now to enjoy "all the fall things" to the fullest.
Apple, pumpkin, cinnamon and sugar - windows open, candlelight, warm drinks, fresh baked donuts...

I had to share the recipe. I've made several attempts at a gluten-free donut in the past couple
of years and it was all just "meh". But THESE babies. Hold me back. They can keep up with any
apple orchard or pumpkin patch fare out there. Yea, that's what I'm saying.

This recipe is not my own. I wish I had come up with this deliciousness, but no. I found this in
the "Simply Sugar and Gluten Free" cookbook / blog. This girl knows what's up.
Standing "O" going out to Amy!!! We LOVED the chocolate + apple-cider versions of this recipe!!!

Fall just feels better when donuts are involved, no?!

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