Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Baby Bella || One Month

Judah: "Mom, where are her words?"
Me: "Oh buddy, she can't talk yet, but she will soon."
Isaiah: "Yea, she just goes 'eeeeeeeeep!'"
Judah: "Like a wittle whale."

The boys have also lovingly dubbed her:

Princess Pea Pod
Sugar Plum
Chicken Noodle

and my favorite - Magic Bean

Welcome to life with brothers, Bella.

This first month has FLOWN by. I'm glad it doesn't PHYSICALLY feel like I just had her yesterday,
but it feeeeeels like I just had her yesterday. Time, be still. The first week was the hardest.
It wasn't really the baby, or the toddlers - it was mainly just ME. A hormonal reign of terror
coming down on all like a fearsome mother hawk. Remember this?

Yea, that's embarrassing. But I am happy to report that things have simmered down. A notch.
I only sent my husband THREE freak-out texts today. I'm over it. Smiles and chai tea all afternoon.

I am still in disbelief that we have a GIRL. I went out to buy her some 3-6 month clothes and
felt like such a rookie parent standing in the aisles trying to match all the girly accessories
to all the girly things. Holy moly. My head hurt. And so did my checkbook. But she's going to
be the cutest dressed baby on the block!!!

She sleeps like a teenager. Parties hard all day and sleeps SO WELL at night. Every night,
like clockwork (knock on wood), she's out for 10 hours - waking up ONCE to nurse and go right back
to bed. Occasionally she fights going back to sleep and we have some quality "girl time" at 4AM.
Not complaining. I'll take it.

Everyone keeps asking how the big brothers are doing - "have they accepted her?" I try not laugh,
like she's trying to get into a secret society or something. Rest assured, good public, she is loved
so well. Almost too well-- gotta watch those big brother smooches and squeezes.
They know not their own strength!

So excited to do "life" with this little girl!!!
She's got us all wrapped around her tiny fingers.
Melting like butter, we are.

Sweet Pea by Amos Lee on Grooveshark

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  1. Love the nicknames. :) Hannahbelle is princess kitty, kitty pie, kitty princess, Princess peach. So fun!

    1. Bahahaha those are GREAT nicknames for baby Hannah!!!! LOVE IT!

  2. Sweet baby Bella. <3 She's so beautiful, Brittany!


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