Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A Pirate Party

Judah recently turned four years old!!! I love to throw parties for my kids, and this year
my little guy wanted "PIRATES". He also wanted a "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" -
"Batman" - "SpongeBob" - "Goldfish" - and a "Red" party, but I wasn't sure exactly how to
hone in on all of that. So "PIRATES"!!! I'm not Pinterest, son.

In fact, I promised myself NOT to get on Pinterest to plan his party.
Because panic attack. I just created the good old fashioned way, straight from my brain.

And can we all just pause and stare off into the distance together for a minute?
I have a FOUR and a FIVE year old. And an almost ONE year old. What is going on!?!?
I am so thankful for each of them. The adventures of a lifetime.

Especially thankful for my Judah, the birthday man, this month!!!
He brings such a WILD JOY to our family!!! His whole life is a celebration!!!

FLAG: Some old fabric from Hobby Lobby with a skull mask (yes, we literally just had
that lying around) puttied to the front. Tacked to the window frame and fabulous.

TABLE COVERING: $3 brown bag wrapping paper from Target.
We DIY-ed "PIRATE MAPS" as a family!

LABLES: Used a large hole punch and a lighter to make a burnt fringe to layer and label.
Stuck them on skewers and straight into limes.

WINDOW FLAGS: Old red and black cloth napkins from Target tied together.

Nathan made an incredible "Treasure Map" for Judah!!! It took him and his little buddies
on a hunt around the house and yard to find the buried treasure! He is STILL talking about this.

PIRATE GRANDPA: Free. And so fun!

PINATA: Target. Of course.

CAKE: I ended up finding a plain wooden "treasure chest" and "canoe" at Hobby Lobby for super cheap.
Painted and accessorized - I was pretty proud of the results ($3 total)! Found gold (chocolate) coins
and small pirate figurines at a party store. Coconut for ocean. Crushed graham crackers for sand.

PIRATE FLAGS: Found a great FREE print on Google images and resized it before printing.
Cut and pasted to toothpicks.

Such a fun day!!!
So thankful for all our family that came out to celebrate with us!!!
Happy Birthday, Judah!!! You. Argh. Loved.

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