Thursday, February 18, 2016

Life Lately

Dear Diary,

Yesterday I made chocolate chip cookies "for my kids" *wink wink*.
Being real health conscious, I rationed out two cookies per child, and fed myself six.
That's what moms do. They take one, or in my case six, for the team.

I feel like we are all just a little expectant /slash/ crazy over here. We open the front door every
morning expecting Cancun and then spend the rest of the day running around the 18X20 living room
like crazy because we live in the Midwest. And Mother Nature hates us here.

I really do love the four seasons. No lie. It's just rough with the chicken nuggets all cooped up inside.
So we skateboard down the hallway and carry on. Winter nature hikes with our Wild + Free group
save us. Until someone face plants in the snow. Then it's tears and false claims about limbs freezing
and falling off. But we've been finding some awesome tracks and loving the fresh air!

My sister came to visit with her crew! It was awesome until all four toddlers woke up in the middle
of the night with the stomach flu. It was as awful as it sounds. Quality bonding material though.
The family that pukes together... stays together?

Seriously this is TMI but there was someone throwing-up/screaming every thirty minutes
from 10PM to 6AM. It was like a horror movie that wouldn't end. I kept whispering to Jesus,
"Remember this penance when I get to heaven!" I bleached the bathroom seven times
and still shudder when I walk by. Out of the three adults, I was the only one to catch it
and join the pukey pack. What is that!?

It's because I eat six cookies.

But it was so good to see them!!! Wishing they were not so far away.

Bella slept with us for a week straight during her recovery. Poor thing. We soaked up every minute.
And then I realized that she no longer sucks her fingers. I am definitely somewhere between
heartbroken that my baby is growing up and jubilant that we didn't have to break that habit for her.

But seriously you know the "last time" for so many joys of childhood come, but nothing can prepare
or soothe the momma heart in regards to that. Unless we are talking about the last diaper change.
Then maybe I throw a party. No tears. Just confetti and high fives.

Ok well other than that, it's been all homeschooling, soccer, Valentine's Day, Lent, Young Living ---
You know the more I think about it, winter may be long and cold, but there is much to enjoy in
the stillness and slowing down. Like the fact that I can eat ice cream every day without thinking
"Will this make me look bloated in my swimsuit?" So we will soak up these last days of February
for the good that they DO bring and look forward in crazy expectancy to the
first day of spring next month!!! NEXT month!!!!

P.S. my legs are so white, the South Pole is jealous.


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