Thursday, February 25, 2016

Snow Day

Yesterday we experienced the biggest snowstorm of the season; which was mild for our region according
to record, but still a lot of beautiful snow! We all hunkered down and stayed cozy with pancakes,
school work and a family movie night. That new The Good Dinosaur totally made me cry! Oh, Pixar.

But I don't think anything will ever get me like UP. I ugly cried.

We've been moving forward with our Charlotte Mason style Kindergarten, and I think we are all at
peace with that. Believe it or not, I think I've had the hardest time adjusting to homeschooling. But
not for the reasons you are probably thinking. It's just been difficult for me to remember to "go at their
pace" - keeping in mind that we are not mocking the school system, but creating a learning environment
that we all can thrive in. Look for the educational MOMENTS, not the educational norm.

Good pep, talk, Brit.

I almost bought a ticket for this conference.

But they sold out so quickly and airline prices shot up. So Nathan consoled me with, "I'll go on a
trip with you!"
I'm married to a good man, y'all. We are currently looking at some pretty cool Airbnb
tree houses...

Nathan is like, "So I'm going to pay money to sleep in a tree and pee outside?"
I'll let you guess who is the nerd in our family and who is the freakin' adventure rockstar.
There's a 50/50 chance here. I'll put money on your deduction skills.

I can't wait to catch up on The Bachelor this week. Don't roll your eyes at me. I'm betting he
goes with JoJo, even though Lauren B is his soul mate. Oh well. We will see her on next season's
The Bachelorette. You heard it here first.

This blogger is my new fave. She kills it with the re-caps.

Everyone in my house is coughing at the moment. This winter has beat us up. I'm so over it.
Can we all just be healthy at the same time?! In the sunshine?! On the beach?! No? Just pass the tissues.

I'm looking forward to this weekend! I'm teaching a Basic Oils class and it's going to be G-REAT. I could
talk about essential oils until the cows come home. But I don't do that in class. It scares people.
Seriously though, it's been so fun and different for me to teach adults who don't raise their hands
every 5 seconds to ask questions like, "Mom, is there a squirrel in the front yard?"

My life.

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