Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Epic Adventure

2017 is going to be a year of epic adventure.

And I'm not buckling my seat belt for this.

No. I am standing with my head out the sun roof,
arms spread open wide, Dara Maclean blaring on the radio (( PUSH PLAY ))....

....and I am smile-screaming into the wind!!!!!!
Obviously, this is all beautiful imagery *wink*
and I STRONGLY support the use of seat belts while operating a vehicle.

For the past 3 years now I have spoken a "word" or two over my life -- trying to harness
a vision for myself and family. Something to latch on to. Something to inspire, drive, carry me....

And this year: EPIC ADVENTURE, my friends.


Last January I decided to "try" working for Young Living.
That felt safe. I'll "try". I'll "see what happens".

I was totally that person who thought that one in a million people win at network marketing.
I thought it takes a special person. Super human abilities. Luck. The right company. The right timing.
Etc. Etc. Etc.

You want to know what I learned?

I learned that NONE of that is true!

I learned that this works if you work it.
I learned that like any other job, if you show up, invest, learn, grow -- it moves you.

Judah recently told my husband that his favorite truck is a Fedex truck. HA!
When Nathan asked him why, he said, "Because it delivered this super cool blue case
filled with lots of oils that smell aaaaaaaamazing!!!!"
Staaaahp. How cute.

It was a THANK YOU gift from Young Living for leading my community!!!!
And I'm like.... floored, humbled, grateful. What the heck?! Best. Job. Ever.

You know when I finished college with my bright shiny double-major degree, I had stars in my eyes.
I wanted to do BIG THINGS. Don't we all?

Then one baby after the next, I found myself doing a lot of LITTLE things in the secret, quiet of my
home. I'm talking about the little things that are bigger than life, ya know? The changing of the diapers,
rocking, holding, bathing, living in the trenches of newborn motherhood.

And I thought, "Did. God. forget. me?!?!?! Does He not see my resume!??!"

I tried to do MORE. I kid you not, I was rejected when I applied for nursing home ministry
in the suburbs (because I had a baby that I wanted to bring). I was told "we don't need anyone"
when I contacted my church to see if I could help with children's faith formation. I joined a
mom's group, only to find out that I could barely attend because my child HATED the nursery
and I felt no peace the entire time.

I remember telling Nathan, "I know this is God's good will, but it's HARD."
It's hard to be still when your whole personality and body is wired for adventure, you guys!

Moms, you hear me?! It is HARD. And I see you!!!! And I am cheering you on!!!!

As I was praying and thinking over this new year, I started to cry.... aaaaand I'm crying again....

I told Nathan, I feel like after 7 years (such a good number!),
God is ushering me into a new season of my life; a new phase of the journey!

I have gotten to see, experience, live so much good!!!!!

And now? Here's looking at you, 2017!

I am excited to be a daughter of a good, good Father and the wife to an amazing man of the Kingdom.
I am excited to be home with my kids: homeschooling, gardening, doing community with our people.
I am excited to be working for Young Living: sharing, loving, leading people into health and wellness.

You guys, PINCH ME!!!

The fact that I get to spend every day doing the things I love best?

I'm ready for this EPIC ADVENTURE... and I want to take you with me!!!!
I have endless seats on my bus. With dozens of sun roofs and enough speakers
to carry the good vibes all the way to the back!!! Whatever you need.

I'm your girl.

The Gift of Business from Brittany Vail on Vimeo.

****I want to close with this last bit, because I think it's important and if it can change your life,
your story or situation -- I WANT THAT. I am voting all over that! This Young Living business has
rocked my world. My health. My spirituality. It has pulled YUCK out of my heart and changed me.

And then there is the money. Because this is a job (SEE INCOME DISCLOSURE).
And if $500, $2000, $144,000 a MONTH -- whatever YOUR number is -- could make a difference --
let's do this thing.

And together, NOT ALONE (I lead a TEAM, my friends!!!),
we ARE making this a year of growth, grace and....


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  1. So excited for your epic adventure! God is so good, isn't He? :-) Also, your words resonated with me, as I am taking care of a newborn in the quiet of my home, not working much, having a degree in nursing. Thank you! P.S. I totally bring my baby to class when I teach faith formation...the kids love him, he hasn't cried too much in class (yet) and it's never too early, right? ;-)

    1. Gabriela! Thank you, lady!!!!! That's awesome you bring your baby along == share that gift of life!!!! XOXO


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