Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Calender, Jesse Tree & Donkey Bells

Advent is my favorite liturgical season. Hands down.

I love preparing my heart and home for the birthday of Baby Jesus!
As I cut out Jesse Tree ornaments and embellished some mini envelopes for the Advent Calender, I was taken back to my days as a "co-worker" or "missionary" with Regnum Christi. I couldn't stop thinking with each snip of my scissors that THIS is my ministry NOW. The little details I create for my husband and children to bring the domestic church to life in our home is my mission. Seriously pumped myself up!

My friends use to call me "the poster child for Regnum Christi" - as I soaked up the attention in the spot light at most missions, retreats, etc. throughout the years. Well, God has lost no time in humbling me! With my two babies that are two and under, I find myself repeating the same routine day after day. Diapers, cooking, cleaning, play-dates, mass, reading books, bathtime, bedtime... REPEAT! But this is IT! THIS is the vocation God prepared ME for... and the children He has entrusted to me. Diaper changing is not so glamourous, but with each wipe I know that I am teaching my child that LIFE IS PRECIOUS - that SACRIFICE IS KEY - and to FOLLOW GOD'S WILL brings indescribable peace and happiness!

Aaaaaaaaand here's what I've been working up between all the crazy moments at our house this week!
A DIY Advent Calendar and Jesse Tree!

SUPPLIES = $30.00



I went ahead and left these un-colored this year...
expecting that next year my kids will be a little older and more ready to help add some flare!


This is what some branches from the yard and a bottle of white spray paint will get ya!
... I have this desire to spray paint EVERYTHING white now. Slightly addicted to the ease of this project.

Jesse Tree prompt card to tell us what to read from Scripture each day and a corresponding ornament!

We can't have an Advent Calender without some incentive for the kids!
Here are some mini M&Ms and "Donkey Bells" that they will get each day during prayer time!


This is something my mom did with us when I was growing up and I wanted to do it with my kids too! Especially since they LOVE bells. They hear them EVERYWHERE! Anyway. Each day we'll add a bell to a string. The closer we get to Christmas the louder the string of bells will sound...
meaning that the DONKEY (who is wearing bells!) is almost here with Baby Jesus!!!

How are you and your family going to celebrate this Advent?
Any special traditions? I hope this post gave you some creative energy!

Wishing you all JOY during this season of expectancy!

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  1. Hey... where did you get the colorable ornaments?

    1. You can click on the LINK directly above the picture of the ornaments... that link will take you to free print outs. They are from 2011, but can be adjusted at home to fit the 2013 calendar!!! Hope that helps :-) Let me know if you have any problems.


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