Wednesday, December 5, 2012

St. Nicholas is Coming!

I found a WONDERFUL story of good old St. Nick here!

I find that this is such a confusing topic.
St. Nick? Santa Clause? Two different guys? One guy with two names? Do we celebrate both?

Here's what's up. I'm pretty sure that St. Nick and Santa Clause are the same dude.
The problem is - America has commercialized "Santa Clause" and most people miss out on the very spiritual, saintly side to the man and story. Such a rip off!... in my humble opinion. Haha.

Nicholas was born in Asia Minor in the 4th century. His parents died when he was a teenager; leaving him a large sum of money. There are many stories, testimonies, and legends attached to this saint, but it is said that he gave the money away to help other people. He is known for a multitude of miracles and for saving numerous individuals and families from terrible situations.

Later in his life he was named Bishop of Myra. He continued to do good throughout his days as a spiritual shepherd. St. Nicholas is remembered and celebrated on December 6th each year.


This is what we are doing to remember the AWESOME man, bishop, and saint WHILE STILL leaving lots of room to focus on the birthday of Baby Jesus...

We'll be celebrating by watching some Veggie Tales tonight (the night before)!
Who doesn't love Veggie Tales?! Thrilling for a 1 and 2 year old!

The kids will leave out their shoes and in the morning they will find that in secret, in the quiet of the night,
St. Nicholas came and filled them with lots of little goodies (thanks in part to my mom, Grandma Kelly!)!!!

This is also when the kids get their ornaments for the Christmas tree
that we'll be setting up on the third Sunday of Advent!!!
Look what I found?! Couldn't be more perfect for my boys.

So for our family, St. Nick gets his own day of festivities on December 6th so that we can have all of Christmas to focus on the birthday of Baby Jesus - the gift He is to us - and the gifts we find in each other!

I LOVE traditions. Can you tell?!

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