Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Vegan Graham Crackers

These are delish and I cannot take credit for them.

Found this recipe over at The Kind Life. WAY cheaper to make "healthier" graham crackers than to buy them.
For sure. My kids LOVE them. They almost taste like a cross between gingerbread and graham cracker.
They freeze well - so double up that batch!

HERE is where you can find the recipe. I used brown rice syrup in place of the sucanat and did not sprinkle them with sugar. Do whatever you fancy! And you don't have to stick to boring, little squares like I did. I had this strong urge to go with tradition. You can totally cut these into fun shapes! The dough is super easy to work with.

I keep a stash of these in my freezer and whenever we're going out to run errands or something I throw a few in my bag. Then I whip them out when my children grow weary of being my amazing sidekicks.

We're hanging out in Iowa this week! So I made a batch for the road.
My kids think they are cookies... because I broke out of my comfort zone and cut this last batch into snowflakes!

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