Saturday, March 9, 2013


It's pretty amazing how atmosphere effects us.

I know that I am drawn to soft lighting, whimsical fancies, and areas with romantic flare.
Sit me down with some chocolate and wine and I'll be your best friend for life!

We would be appalled by the idea of not planning an "atmosphere"
for our wedding, baby shower, anniversary party, etc...

so why should it be overlooked when it comes to serving God and His church?!

 photo 32db89f3-d5c7-4858-aab9-13a7a8d6b2ac_zps279ec251.jpg
This February I was asked to help with ATMOSPHERE at our church's young adult's ministry night!
Sign me up. This is my thing. I love it. Perfect excuse to go to Target!
 photo 70da69ee-9c5f-4573-afab-827edcad514c_zps639498f4.jpg photo 51071c3f-1588-4e5c-90be-4c6ca76e22f9_zpsfdeec613.jpg
 photo 0f73269b-fe2d-40e4-a973-75463fa864ff_zps891529af.jpg
With the ideas that were out on the table, we knew that we wanted to create an INVITING space.
A space that would make people want to STAY and COME BACK.
Church rooms are typically functional and don't exactly shout, "I'm cozy!"
 photo f4f76a7d-d0f6-4962-b15b-ede69faca5dc_zps46e6a467.jpg photo b6a0dd8b-39d9-46af-bdda-337fd178d600_zps09cfe2ac.jpg
 photo 852dc60f-748b-4b26-818f-aea45d61ae4d_zps9cb2e27a.jpg
 photo 2123051c-09bf-42f9-bb28-24d15fb0f369_zpse51a8ee7.jpg photo 54a48272-fc91-4b4e-9fe1-acc01fe68141_zpsf02a4bdf.jpg
...soft lighting + scented candles + flowers + tableclothes + music +framed inspirational quotes...
...white Christmas lights along window sills + tissue paper poms (DIY) + small tables + clustered couches...

 photo 4383f9ef-1026-42e0-b48b-7d9798fc2c9c_zps59de9e6a.jpg photo ca25d9a7-4441-42af-8d1b-87f189a94e4c_zps9215d684.jpg
"I've seen this room used for a lot of things, but this is the most beautiful it has ever been."

"I just want to stay here - the room is so inviting!"


That was just a taste of the feedback that I can remember from the night!

There were many people who pulled this evening together. It was such a good reminder that the
BODY OF CHRIST has many parts - and each of those parts has a talent or gift to share.

What's your talent and how are you sharing it with those around you?!

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  1. You're absolutely right- churches can be functional yet inviting without going overboard. I like what you've done - it's not too much. :)

    1. thanks, Bekah!!! it was so much fun to do!

  2. gorgeous!! you did a fabulous job. :)



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