Monday, March 11, 2013

The Recycled Library // Giveaway

You guys are going to love this!

So there's this girl named Erin. She and I have run in the same
circles for years... and now I get to show YOU how radically talented she is!

Ladies and gentleman, I give you the lovely creator of The Recycled Library
and a GIVEAWAY - a chance to win one of her handmade creations!!!

 photo 5c34b195-1927-4289-a7be-fe61ee581ea8_zps4e74c02e.jpg photo a6fde93e-a339-4010-a326-a566e0137d1f_zps8b1efef9.jpg

Erin is an artist, wife, expectant momma, dreamer, and admirer of all things book related.
She believes there is beauty to be found in the small and often overlooked bits of life that surround us.

"A 25 cent map at a thrift store can resurrect a cherished memory, and a well loved book at a yard sale,
with notes scribbled all over the margins, can be a special peek into another life."

 photo ba9a95dc-84e2-4268-a7c8-f6962755b80a_zpsdcf1abee.jpg photo ee76e50c-3b45-4684-9905-cc30b14369c9_zps6c03280b.jpg
 photo bc42e876-4345-468e-8777-3d0e9f6ac556_zpsf35eac85.jpg
First of all - I LOVE MAIL.
So you can only imagine how excited
I was to receive a package from The Recycled Library!!!

Second of all - I am a DIE HARD lover of all things PAPER.
Paper is for writing - gifting - sharing - holding precious memories -
concealing secret wishes, hopes, dreams...

paper is for planning - scheming - designing - revealing -
blessing future generations with our life's sacred history.
 photo mypackagefina_zps361be83c.jpg
Pictures do not do her work justice.
I wish you could come flip open my charming journal
and witness the delicate, detailed handiwork for yourselves!

The envelopes and note cards are super chic! The prettiest I have ever seen.
I want to keep them for forever! Seriously considering framing a few.
If you see them on my wall, please don't act surprised!
 photo personaltouchfinal_zps4eaec9af.jpg photo c1cfd17f-103b-4278-a63b-025f63409570_zps620be0bc.jpg
I love how she put a special note in the front of my journal! MADE. MY. DAY.
I cannot wait to fill the pages!
 photo 3d5fa723-6721-4e27-8cb8-aab62f81f206_zps2ed8289f.jpg

...Erin says...
"The Recycled Library is a way for me to share the simple beauty I find with others.
I want to create things that help people pause a moment and appreciate the world around them.
If everyone knew how many beautiful things can be found right outside (or even inside) their doors
I believe this world would be a happier and brighter place… So I encourage you to pick up a book,
send a handwritten note to a friend, or sit down with a cup of tea and record a memorable moment on paper
that your kids can one day enjoy. I’ll be doing the same!"

Giveaway is limited to US residents ONLY (18 years and older).
The winner will be able to pick ONE handmade creation of their choice
from Erin's shop as the prize
and will be notified via e-mail.
Check out Erin's up and coming blog HERE!

Here's to recycled paper!!! Good luck, friends!! XO

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  1. Loved finding out about this shop! I would choose a travel journal - either the Florida or Louisiana (places I've lived). So excited to discover more of her products :)

    1. ahhh i know right?!?!? the travel journals are uuuuhmazing!!!

  2. Wow! I am in LOVE with these- how cute. I could see them becoming a must-have!

  3. And seriously, it's so hard to choose! I love the hello sunshine notecards, the vintage books envelopes, and the vintage postcards journal!

    1. her stationary is like nothing else i've ever used! like i said above - the envelopes are so cool i want to frame some of them!!!

  4. These are awesome!


  5. You lucky lucky ladies in the States. This girl does some lovely work. She made my wedding guestbook, and five years later, it's just as gorgeous.

    1. WOW!!!! so cool!!!! a wedding guestbook?!?!? i feel like i keep learning more and more about this girl's talent every day! sorry you are out of the US :-( that's a bummer! but thanks for coming over and supporting Erin!!! XO

  6. So excited to have a chance to win one of these wonderful and beautiful journals! I think I would pick a travel journal representing my birth place of Florida. :0) Erin is an awesome person and will be a great mom! Super talented in the ways of book making and creation. Love ya Erin hope all is well! :0)

  7. oh, I'd love the Ohio state notebook!! My husband and I got married last year and bought a house in Ohio, and it would be the perfect thing to keep recipes, travels, and little love notes as we build our new life here!

  8. I would like to win either the France or Australia journal to gift :)

  9. Oh my gosh, I think I fell in love with the Handstitched Journal (with the Postage Stamps) thank you so much for the wonderful giveaway!

  10. handmade journal mastery is on my bucket list!!

    these are absolutely lovely. i'm totally swooning over the vintage postcard one =D


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