Monday, March 18, 2013

I feel beautiful when...

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I feel beautiful when I am FREE to be me.
No expectations, no false pretenses... just me for who I am.
I feel beautiful when I am REAL.

I think that sometimes as women we put up guards or put on masks to shield ourselves
from the eyes of the world. Some of us are broken and wounded. Others are pressured and
manipulated by the ideas and images that society is throwing at us day after day.

We run, we dodge, we hide... afraid to be noticed, really noticed, for the beauty we possess.

But the truth is, the woman who lies under the covers at night - wiped clean of make-up,
free of uptight hair, wearing what makes her comfortable... is the true woman.

The woman in her infant-like state before her Maker - wrapped in the beauty He gave her...
the beauty He intends for her to give to the world. A shameless gift.

I want to be that woman always.
Free. Real. The way God made me.

Last week I met up with my friend, Cathy, who is currently working with Mary Kay.
She asked me if I would be willing to do a BEFORE and AFTER (make-up) shot for her portfolio.
YES! I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to be REAL with you and let you see me for me.
 photo MARYKAYBEFORE_zps00124d5e.jpg photo MARYKAYAFTER_zpsbefc5777.jpg

I have been taking the month of March to think of ways to #EncourageBeauty
as Anna from In Honor of Design and Hilary from Dean Street Society have inspired me to do so!

I encourage you, fellow sisters, to acknowledge and uplift the women in your life.
We all have our issues, our struggles. We all have a side we would rather not show.
But what better way to encourage beauty than to be FREE and REAL with EACH OTHER?

Cathy from Mary Kay is giving away a Satin Hands gift set to one of my readers this week!!!
Have you tried this stuff?! AMAZING. They make it for your lips too! I have both sets!

My husband said, "Women, love the word 'exfoliate.'"
Made me laugh! There's truth to that statement!

This package deal comes with hand softener, hand scrub, and hand moisturizer
to help exfoliate and restore your hands to their natural, beautiful state!!!

I want to #EncourageBeauty by blessing one of my lovely readers with some skin pampering goodness!!!
We all know that good beauty products make us FEEL pretty!

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// Open to US residents only // Not endorsed by Mary Kay // Winner will be notified by e-mail //

If you are interested in ordering Mary Kay products you can meet Cathy here!!!
She is a sweetheart - loaded with tons of beauty tips and a
passion for helping women be them beautiful selves!!!

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  1. YOU are a rockstar my friend. I used to not believe Gabe when he would tell me he loved me most without make up, but when I see friends who forget to put it on that day or just don't care, I always see the natural beauty shine through. Granted, I still don't leave the house without my mascara;)
    Thank you for sharing this and encouraging real beauty in women. So cool of you:)

    1. Nathan tells me the same thing! That and that he most prefers jeans and a t-shirt over something that I usually think is super cute and chic! I'm always amazed... and slightly unbelieving. YES - I love seeing the NATURAL beauty too!!! Thanks for stopping by and helping START the revolution!!! I love it!! XO

    2. Hey Brit,
      It is funny that you mention Nathan's preference of you wearing jeans and a t-shit. James and I had the exact same conversation not too long ago!! We were discussing all of my 'teacher-y' outifts and all that jazz. He mentioned that he wished I could wear jeans and a t-shirt to work every day, while I thoroughly enjoy finding adorable teacher outfits to wear to school! Though, I cannot deny the comfort of a nice pair of jeans. . . and yet, skirts are JUST as comfortable, if not MORE comfortable sometimes. ;)

  2. A natural beauty! It can be so hard to see the natural beauty in ourselves. Go girl for posting your non-makeup pictures to your blog. Nothing to be ashamed of there. :)

    1. aww thanks!!! that goes for all of us.... "nothing to be ashamed of!" amen!?

  3. I personally prefer Arbonne, but I DO enjoy the Satin Hands/Lips sets.

    1. oooooooh Arbonne! that name keeps coming up!!! what do you love about their products, Bekah?! i would love more details :-)

  4. Love this Brittany! Now that I have zero time to myself these days, meaning rarely getting dressed and putting on makeup, I rarely feel 'pretty'. Those days that I do have the chance to put on an actual outfit and some blush and mascara, I feel like a new woman haha! I can see and appreciate the natural beauty in other fresh-faced women, though. Something to work on!


    1. I hear ya on that one, Erin! ZERO time. It's totally a new way of life - letting go and just BEING... wouldn't you agree?! Kind of nice! I know that I am more FREE now than before I had kids. I'm quicker to let go and just go with the flow too. You're gorgeous - so I am sure your natural self in "bumming it" clothes is PERFECT! XO

  5. Love this post! I want to #encouragebeauty this month by giving out more compliments - everyone likes to hear things that make them feel good about themselves :)

    1. AGREED, Kelly!!! A compliment can mean SO much to one woman! It can turn her whole day around sometimes! At least I know it can for me :-) Awesome goal, lady! <3


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