Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Best Version of Myself

 photo d59f7591-4172-4dc2-aa4f-e2bb36b98a35_zps52b06577.jpg photo 444a0ec3-d8ea-4f60-a782-23a475ea2066_zps33dcbc8d.jpg photo 66890f3a-3002-49c4-8269-3c3c13039653_zps520a3b8f.jpg photo 50349939-2b35-4587-90d4-3d8c080380aa_zpsb06976f4.jpg
We walked into Church about ten minutes early last Sunday. MIRACLE. Cue angelic choir.
As soon as we hit the pew my boys start chanting, "Snack. Snack. Snack."
That's when I started apologizing to the people around us for any mischief that
would come from our direction!

My husband took them out to the narthex to release some boy energy before Mass actually started.
I had ten full minutes by myself... to try and not look at other people coming in or wonder about
the family six pews ahead
... ten full minutes to pray. Just me and God.

I told Him that I am sorry that my prayers are so scatterbrained these days.
I now talk to God like I talk to my friend who comes over for coffee in the afternoon...

Dear Lord... "Don't touch your brother, Isaiah!" I give you my mind, my heart...
"If you spill that cereal on purpose you're in trouble." Please help me to be the
best wife and mother... "That's it. TIME OUT!" Amen.

Even in the ten minutes I had ALONE before God I was stumbling into this crazy habit.
And I almost laughed at how ridiculous it is!

My relationship with God is REAL. It's ALIVE.
It's MOVING and it is CHANGING as I grow and my life evolves.
I don't think He's expecting pious acts of prayerful adoration or hoping that I come forward in sack cloth
and ashes. I'm pretty sure He's not planning on me delivering an eloquent petition of all my needs.

That's what I've been trying to give all these years!

But He is expecting to receive my heart - whatever conversation I can give to Him.
I think my relationship with God is more AUTHENTIC today than it has ever been before.

My children have called out the best version of myself.
They've made me face God as I am.
Not who I hope He sees me as.

Does that make sense?

"He thirsts for you. He loves you always, even when you don't feel worthy.
When not accepted by others, even by yourself sometimes - He is the one who always accepts you.
My children, you don't have to be different for Jesus to love you.
Only believe - you are precious to Him as you are.
He will do the rest."
- Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta

 photo ba5527ff-1bb6-4520-887a-0951be3cf217_zpse319c1ef.jpg
 photo 23e7514b-13ed-47b3-b726-bb0a91089e4e_zpsc1e9c008.jpg
 photo 53381eb7-0906-4d25-8dec-af7635ae76de_zps9e0b6690.jpg photo c0d26657-5448-4e92-8dc2-caf888f3e085_zps586a52cd.jpg

These pictures were taken after Mass this past Sunday.
They got suckers for being good! Woohoo! I LOVE when that happens!

I am wearing a maxi skirt from Target // stripped v-neck t-shirt that I thrifted {similar} //
jean jacket from JCPenney // red scarf is from Paris, France {similar} //
& I'm rocking some pink Converse under that skirt!

Brother & Brother are wearing khakis from Old Navy & plaid jackets from Babies R Us.

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  1. Cute outfit and adorable boys! New follower!

    1. Hi Kristal!!! Thanks for coming over - and thanks for the compliments! I feel like my boys are the star of my fashion shows!!! I think they are adorable too - partial a bit?!?! Lol.

  2. I love the maxI plus converse! Just curious how tall you are though. I have been eyeing it a target but wasnt sure if it was too long. You look great in it

    1. Hey Heather- I am 5'7". The skirt definitely kisses the ground, but I like that! Oh and most maxis that I am finding out there right now can role down at the waist so you can find your perfect length :-) XO


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