Thursday, April 4, 2013

:||: birthday wishes :||:

I know exactly what I will wish for this year as a I blow out my candles.
Celebrating 26 years today!
Crazy. I still feel so little.

But honestly, my heart feels old. Stamped with love and memories of a life well spent.
I have been blessed with years overflowing with answered prayers,
dreams that came true, and hopes fulfilled.

Two of my best gifts.
 photo 73f4fd27-ffdd-48c6-b315-7dcb21be37cf_zps89c01190.jpg

I know that God has more in store for me though!!!
And I am so excited about that!
Reflecting on my life leaves me in awe.
I am crushed by God's all-consuming concern for me.
He has been there in the valleys and mountain tops of my life.
Loving me, forgiving me, holding on to me as I cry out for Him every step of the way.

A lifetime of prayers, dreams, and hopes have been brought to the King of kings.
He has brought me this far. He has made my little, gloriously messy life into a beautiful
song. of. praise.

I am who I am because of Him. Period. True story.

So with the flame of my candles...

I PRAY that God would be pleased to move mountains through me and my family.
I PRAY that He would be touching and inspiring YOU to a deeper love for Him.
I PRAY that those around me will be moved, shaped into agents of change,
willing to be counter-cultural for love of a God, a higher calling, an eternal Kingdom.

Falling stars and birthday candles are for wishes. Beautiful wishes.
Our God is for hearing prayers and answering in HIS time.

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Party on, folks. Party on.

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  1. I love being able to hear you and connect more with who you are. That is amazing you grew up doing missions. I went on missions trips from the summer after 5th grade to 12th grade. I didn't wait to have sex, but I have only had sex with my husband.

    I some days struggle finding joy in the ministry of stay at home. I hate ironing, but I have to for the husband when he actually works in the office. But I in an almost crazy way LOVE folding socks.


    1. That's so cool you did mission trips too, Katie!!! Glad to know you are a fellow iron-hater. Lol. We can be wrinkly together. I seriously buy clothes that I know will be relatively wrinkle-free!

      It is a struggle for me too - not every day as a stay-at-home mom is glamourous. I think the best piece of advice someone ever gave me in regards to this was, "LESS stuff - MORE people." --- basically... keep it simple around the house so that I can spend more time loving and helping my family!!!

      Folding socks?!?!? You. Are. Crazy! Come fold mine. Thanks for the birthday wishes!!! XO

  2. Replies
    1. thanks, Kerrie!!! It was a VERY happy one :-)

  3. Happy Birthday!!! And how cute are they in their matching jackets?!

    1. Oh man - i love those plaid jackets and i love the little men who wear them!!! Thanks for stopping by, Laura!!! And thank you for the happy wishes XO


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