Friday, April 5, 2013

Welcome to the limelight, Katie!

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Katie from over at Standpipe and Sprinkles makes me happy!
Every time I read her blog or see her photos on Instagram, I smile.
Such joy and beauty in the day to day life.

She's a proclaimed roughneck wife and momma who is busy living and loving life
with her husband and daughter, Maile. She is sharing lots of heart on her lifestyle blog.
Recipes, stories, faith, family, giveaways, and a lot of cuteness!

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Here she shares about LEARNING FROM HER CHILD.
I think most of us as parents can relate to this.
We've all had those moments of realization...
we are not teaching our kids - they are teaching us.

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and read all about the BLESSING OF BEING CALLED MOMMA. So touching.

Go visit Katie. Give her some love. You'll be glad you did!
Tell her "hi" for me!
Standpipe and Sprinkles
Follow her on Instagram @mrskittymitch
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Happy weekend, loves.

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