Thursday, April 18, 2013


One time we lived in a trailer down by a lake.

So the story is - we were moving from Ohio to Illinois and didn't want to rent a place we
had never seen with our own eyes. The best option was to stay in my parent's summer "trabin"
(that's 1/2 trailer 1/2 cabin) with no plumbing for a couple weeks until we found a place to live.

Two weeks. I lasted two weeks of playing "gypsies"
with my husband and our 3 month old, Isaiah, at the time.
I went running to my grandma's house.

I like to think I should have been born in a different time era, but the truth is
I am sooo so so thankful for running water and an indoor toilet.

I've never done well "flying by the seat of my pants."
I am a rockstar, type A personality and I crave order.

My motto this week has been: "It's ok to bum it. It's ok to bum it."

Sometimes I just wake up and feel moved to do something big-ish...
Like rearrange our entire bedroom AND master bathroom, spackle,
paint, throw up a DIY canopy... ya know?
 photo 1b6ff680-d73b-4076-bc30-ff48e017181f_zpsad7a840f.jpg photo 24bc79ad-3921-4ff4-9e32-e5e84efdcd09_zps1574109b.jpg photo f42f548e-2767-4cc0-b7e5-2f6a9ac1a90a_zps61a1e6f2.jpg
I can handle camping in the living room,
but my house exploded. Laundry piled up. Dishes have gone undone.
"It's ok to bum it. It's ok to bum it."
 photo 8cca9f41-4d90-4d60-a27d-fffd8e3249f2_zpsd7dfd5d2.jpg photo 0531be9b-1e46-4778-a9e6-f59f3496000a_zps9e880ace.jpg photo dd64f0d4-6b54-4a0f-b280-c41ade099d8d_zpsce1cdd50.jpg
But dinner made it to the table. Even if it was a plain-jane salad and leftovers!
 photo b9cd59d3-621c-410d-94f1-d8627ecbdcb8_zpsb98f5f10.jpg
Children were bathed.
 photo 990d75dc-b94c-496f-9efe-9f22b30a55fe_zpse4e33004.jpg photo 27e96719-b036-436f-a511-cfc78b2b0f95_zps33d5511e.jpg
And we've been having a pretty good time along the way...
making time to play!!! "It's ok to bum it. It's ok to bum it."

WHAT I WORE at it's finest.
 photo f826bac7-c461-47fa-8ba7-e56f31bd7dcf_zpsef3e1863.jpg photo 1e5353c0-d034-4184-bd4e-71883a942720_zps6dd87bac.jpg
I know you are AAAAACHING to get this look.
Adidas pants with a Wal-Mart hoodie. EASY. COMFY.
Apply favorite, random accessories - glasses, scarf, hat... haha seriously.
Getting "ready" has been optional this week.
Remember? "It's ok to bum it."
 photo 81c24f0d-001d-4e19-96d2-bc94b46b1bd0_zps2ebe3d6f.jpg photo 26420c70-83b2-470b-80ee-8e0c1ff89439_zpsc2de5853.jpg
Awkward family photo, anyone?!
I thought it would be cute to lay in the grass with them, but it was a total FAIL.
I'm embarrassed.
 photo 4149ca81-a4ca-4b81-b514-b6178f9bbd2b_zps3e9d334e.jpg

Stay tuned! BEFORE AND AFTER bedroom facelift coming next week!
Can't wait to share our little updates that make a big difference!

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  1. Well all I can say is, "it's ok to bum it."

  2. Girl you could wear a bag and still look gorgeous


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