Friday, April 12, 2013

Happily Ever After

Once upon a time there was a man who taught me to drive his motorcycle.
We were friends. Fireworks were not supposed to go off. And they didn't.
But a spark was lit - a spark that would later burst into flames and drive us straight into marriage!
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He wrote about the night he taught me to drive that motorcycle.
I saw it as a nice gesture. My mom saw it for what it was: "He totally likes you!"
"We take our time. Not going anywhere. Where we want to be - we're already there.
The world our own - flying by without a care. Oh yea it's been awhile.
Nothing dark can drag us down now. We're far away in the here and now.
A perfect day - not the slightest doubt - oh yea it's been awhile."

are some of the lyrics from the song he wrote for me.

Talk about "swooning"... yea.
What girl doesn't want to be wooed with a song written just for her?!

Throughout our dating relationship we wrote many songs for each other.
Capturing our love in melody. We should make an album for our children.
I'm sure that would provoke some serious fake vomiting and rolling of the eyes!

But here is the song I wrote for Nathan as a wedding gift.
I had my matron of honor, my sister, deliver the lyrics to him
right before our ceremony began... and then sang it for him on our honeymoon.

He swooned. I have that effect on my husband.
(I like to pretend I play guitar. Nathan makes fun of me. I know like 6 chords and
I just rearrange them or throw on a capo to change it up! I try.)

Some people would look at this as naive.
"Oh she's a wishful thinker. Happily Ever After? That doesn't happen in real life."
But I am telling you - it does. I truly believe that this is the man God prepared for me
and I am so beyond happy to spend my life with him.

And it is not all peaches and cream over here.
Nathan and I can wound each other like no one else can.
As husband and wife, bound so intimately, the cuts just seem to go deeper. And there are bumps in the road.
But it is what you make of the journey. It is how you roll with the punches. It is how you reach down deep
within yourself and offer love, mercy, forgiveness... over and over and over again.

We try not to work AT each other, but to both work TOWARDS God - meeting each other in HIM.
And that is what makes this a HAPPILY EVER AFTER!!! God makes things good.

"Creation good," is what we like to say!

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  1. This is so sweet. If I could sing, I would totally sing to him. My husband has a wonderful voice.

    Roll with the punches -- yes, seems like the only way to make it in marriage

    1. thanks, Katie!!! i really can't sing either - my husband has the voice in this family! i just love to do it!!!

  2. i cannot wait to watch this video!! :D this is too presh.


  3. oh my goodness! i loved the song!!! what a special gift to your hubby. i so wish i had your kind of talent. :)


    1. so glad you liked it, dear!!! the gift of music has been such a gift in our relationship! a beautiful way to express ourselves - we both share that creative-romantic gene! lol. thanks for listening and your kind words!!!

  4. This is so beautiful and sweet. Thanks for sharing!


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