Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Straight on to Heaven

Why Don't You and I (featuring by Santana on Grooveshark

If we have a song... this is it! Makes me smile just listening to it.
Back when we were dating, this was my ringtone for when Nathan called my cell!

"Fly to the moon and straight on to heaven..."
that's the plan and we are living it up!!!

I am so honored to be Nathan's "forever"! He has been taking me by surprise from day #1...
he is the man who has made some of my wildest dreams come true!
To celebrate his birthday this year... I stepped into the surprise business myself
and made a few of his dreams come true!

+ Birthday lunch - Chicago style @ Portillo's +
 photo a27f1154-2a44-468e-b3f8-24ca05304d4e_zps528f74d1.jpg
 photo b47a0b3d-8dcc-4fba-bec0-54ac379288c8_zps3e542f6b.jpg photo 8b9b0065-d9c7-4380-b040-636ab0ad9e13_zpsb7efe62b.jpg

+ Root Beer. Alaskan King Crab. Party. +
 photo 3d4cf6d6-6b22-4794-94c8-a6171bc28b25_zps9221f60a.jpg photo 5aa27375-9e40-4dd1-933a-ef6b18ed1bc2_zpsc0540dd2.jpg photo 02fdb99a-1fe3-4a48-b371-6b66a103ff43_zps6bab9769.jpg
My face EXACTLY when it comes to crab. Isaiah and I have a mutual repulsion to the creature...
 photo 79eb0895-db1d-4743-b6cb-a974fac547af_zps8659b116.jpg

+ Lots of cake... +
 photo 32d441c2-ecc1-4625-afc6-69847ceb2dcd_zps5e3684a1.jpg photo e5797364-2ea3-42b2-aee7-7e887207ea0f_zps1b1d8a26.jpg

I kind of let Nathan believe that all I had up my sleeve for his birthday
was a king crab dinner and a surprise date night for the following weekend.
He totally bought it. But the next day I put him in the van and told him we had to go
pick something up... a birthday present of sorts.

 photo aaefeeb9-4e36-4817-9401-14b83c0d30a4_zps3707db9e.jpg
Some of Nathan's family came out for the surprise too!
 photo e48a9dda-2d7e-44d6-ad6b-f2aea41f3232_zpsd1984ff5.jpg photo 0ad0ec30-974f-463c-b569-3edf8e3319a8_zpsdf8ac54f.jpg
You have NO IDEA how many conversations we have had or how many YouTube videos
I have had to watch about HANG GLIDING! This was at the top of Nathan's bucket list.
He's been wanting to fly like a hawk for YEARS...
 photo 5c11c69a-88eb-4826-ac31-1e126cb7216a_zpsfc160385.jpg photo 09b164d6-a58b-4d1a-a33a-b8e06bc0c8d6_zpsd43a5107.jpg
That little ultra light towed them to about 3,000 ft. and then cut them loose.
My heart skipped ONE beat when I saw the glider catch the wind and tilt back...
other than that, I was a composed, ecstatic wife on the ground!
 photo e2ae2d1e-fe50-4307-9908-be413dc9247e_zps90f49aa4.jpg photo c1739823-3137-4c6c-a501-e804370e9fef_zps9b2fe83a.jpg photo 109b52c7-f09e-4dd2-8855-08547a433ff8_zps167a3f7b.jpg
Yes, there is NO ENGINE involved in this sport. The wind current did it's thing
and my hawk surfed the sky. I was SO EXCITED for him!!! It was pretty cool. Not gonna lie.
 photo e8d18783-6acd-45f0-b366-17681429ed4d_zps8402d5a6.jpg

It made my heart incredibly happy to give him such joy in this gift!
I cherish moments like these! These moments are simply a product, the life really, that comes
from our rich friendship and love for each other. This is the stuff that makes you feel alive
and excited about the days to come. Birthday or no birthday - this man makes me want to
celebrate every day we have together!

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  1. That is awesome! Looks like an awesome birthday. How cool that you were able to arrange this for him.

    1. it was so much fun, Bekah!!! he loved it!

  2. whoa! that's awesome. look at you girl, that is a great surprise!!

    1. he was so stoked, Leah!!! i think he is still on a hang gliding "high" right now... i'm wondering if this is going to become a small addiction! lol.

  3. What an awesome birthday! Gives me some ideas for my hubby's upcoming birthday. :)


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