Wednesday, June 19, 2013

CARS | a 3rd birthday party

Birthdays are a big deal in these parts! There is nothing like celebrating the day
your child was born into your life! So many special memories to be remembered and created...

This post is FLOODED with cute pictures. You've been warned!
Lightning McQueen is basically my third child. We couldn't have Zay's 3rd birthday without him.
CARS CARS CARS... check out our not-too-themey birthday party we threw together last week!!!

Pre-Birthday started out with a trip to the aquarium and picnic at the lake
with the g-units. That would be GODPARENTS. So thankful for all the friends and family
who make ALL our lives so lovely.

THE BIRTHDAY BOY... still can't believe it's been 3 years!!!

We just added a lot of simple, little touches to make CARS come to life for our little guy.
Hobby Lobby is your friend, parents! So many affordable options.

|| checkered flag balloon banner ($5.00/Dollar Tree) - blew up and assembled by mouth?...and hand! ||
lemonade bottles ($2.50 each/Hobby Lobby) with homemade labels ||

free CARS print-outs (c/o Google Images) || CARS stickers ($2.50/Hobby Lobby) ||
orange cones (Party City/4 for $2.99)

My sister, Isaiah's Godmother, got her craft on with these UUUUHMAZING cardboard cars!!!
She re-used old diaper boxes || fresh spray paint ||
tires were made of paper plates with velcro - for tire changes! ||
The kids loved them and were able to drive them straight through a cloth, car wash I put together...

CAR WASH: colored fabric ($8/Hobby Lobby) tied to a doll rod ($1.50/Hobby Lobby) ||
now using as a curtain overlay in the boys' bedroom!

tire inner tubes - mainly used for decoration and bouncing around ($1/Dollar Tree)

checked flag cupcake holders ($1.99/Hobby Lobby)
CARS cloth for tables ($2.99 per yard/Hobby Lobby)
WAY cheaper than buying a pre-made table cloth!!!

the littlest lady friend at the party!

Ended the day with a LIVE concert by Nathan & Son. Best concert I've ever been to.
Baby is jamming out on his new ukelele!

Thanks for coming to this virtual rendition of Isaiah's 3rd birthday party!
Sorry that virtual cake is just not as good as real-life cake.

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  1. love the theme and everything looks so fabulous!! you did great girl!

    1. awww thanks! it was so much fun to put together for him!

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