Monday, June 10, 2013

DIY Ikea Shelf

 photo a28b1f7f-b55d-40a3-a6bc-83136f358f33_zps53f2f3db.jpg

So we live in itty-bittyville. Our space is limited, but that has its perks.
The older I get, the better I am at seeing the silver linings in life. I like that.

For example: We only keep what is necessary. Liiiiike my ceramic owl collection and every
Food Network magazine that has been issued over the past 3 years. Necessary. Don't be jealous.
Storage space is non-existent so we have to be creative and generous.
We make room for what we need and donate what we can live without.

Our children have an ever growing book collection that we can't live without!
Also, the toys get bigger with my children. Back in the day, we just had a little basket of rattles,
stuffed animals, and chew toys. Now we are dealing with train tables, car collections, and a felt food
factory that they keep to impress their little, girl friends when they come over to play.

We had no choice but to add some space. "BUILD UP," they say. So we did.
Ikea inspired this idea. For ooooh $125ish dollars (depending on how big your room is)
you can land yourself a room-length shelf.

If you've got some power tools and a Home Depot, you can skip getting sucked into the Ikea cyclone
and whip up something like ours for $80ish dollars. HOLLA AT THE DOLLA. Ok I'm done.
LOVE Ikea by the way. So don't go throwing stones at me.

 photo 73551e66-4a7c-4932-9d6b-7998e91e0692_zps9fef53a2.jpg photo a711386b-6599-4e70-9191-ea904f076b1d_zpsa874690b.jpg
12X1X10 || sanding + painting bright white
 photo 7a20d544-99c4-4927-9d4c-0831db7f8c67_zps78f67082.jpg photo 99ce78cc-7789-4a8d-a7be-7dde41032cc7_zps552fee46.jpg
Meet our construction managers || Captain Underpants and Baby Brother
 photo b89db296-e734-4ac3-af25-ab9fed69595e_zps82bab3d0.jpg

A guy at Home Depot wanted us to toggle that baby onto our wall... so our boys could have the
option of swinging on it?! I think not. I love the circus, but not IN my house. A few sinkers
and serious screws are doing the job just fine. Shout out to the hubs - you better believe
everything is level and lined up to perfection!!! It's basically like having my own
Ty Pennington. Except Nathan is cuter. True story.

 photo bd0dbf4d-e090-4820-93f6-f7634537c717_zps8696c6c2.jpg photo 335b0eba-5c4a-4f58-a1e0-92d14e3ec1d3_zps2e2fce08.jpg

What are you favorite ways to save space?
Any neat DIY projects that you have hiding in your house?!

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  1. Excellent! I love how it is high enough that Captain Underpants and his baby brother aren't going to swing from it. Kimberly Blackwell

  2. oh anytime i can diy something, i will! i'm all about saving money wherever i can and i have the same issues at home when it comes to storage. i need to get the hubs to start building some stuff around here. i mean those dinners are not free or anything! lol.

    1. you are HILARIOUS, Leah! make him work for those dinners! lol.

  3. Replies
    1. thanks, katie! we do too... so nice to be able to put things up and outta reach when needed!

  4. You could do the same thing for an ultra low montessori inspired shelf :) That's what I'm into at the moment :) Lou
    PS - Kimberly Blackwell, are you related to Chris and Stef by any chance? lol

    1. LOVE that idea, Lou! so true. i think we will have to look into that soon. i'm a big fan of the montessori method...!!!


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