Friday, June 7, 2013

| Shepherd's Pie |

I like to be difficult and re-invent the wheel sometimes. I figured messing with a
homey dish like Shepherd's Pie would only swing in my favor. I was right. The Pie de Shepherd
is good, but this twist was OUTTA THIS WORLD. As I was savoring bite after bite, I paused for a
brief moment and told my husband, "this is like shepherd's pie for grown-ups!" Yea it is!

SECRET WEAPON: Herbified (adj. // as in glorified with herbs) Mashed Potatoes

8 medium red potatoes - chopped and boiled to perfect softness (falls apart at the touch of a fork)
3-4 tbls. of butter (plant-based works too!)
8-10 fresh, green olives - pitted & finely chopped
2-3 tsp. fresh chives // fresh basil // green onion
1 clove of garlic - minced
sea salt + black pepper to taste

Slowly add milk as you blend/mash these up (about 1/3 C.) // I used rice milk and it was a success.
Happy to be the guinea pig. You owe me.

 photo 3d506099-6846-44a9-9e51-40c080c61d01_zps1346e218.jpg

Meaty Mixed Veggies (That's fun to say out loud. I swear I'm not 12.)

5 carrots // 8-10 brussels sprouts // 1 zucchini // 2 colored peppers //
1 medium, white onion // 4 garlic cloves - all chopped and coated in extra virgin olive oil.
Toss in sea salt and bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.

While those are toasting in the oven, grill 2 or 3 small, Polish sausage links.
Just enough to add some flavor. Add more if you aren't afraid of meat like me.
Coat pan in olive oil and cook the sausages until no longer pink on the inside.
Chop and toss the pieces into the oven with all those veggies and let them swim together.

My mouth is watering as I relive this delicious dinner with you. Just top those baked
veggies with the herbified mashed potatoes and you are in business. If you go ahead and make
this... do me a favor and let me know? I promise I won't invite myself over for dinner.
And if I do, I'll bring wine.

 photo 51e28dd3-790a-43c2-a40e-3a8db2504904_zps78fedf1c.jpg
 photo 9ac95218-7b8e-428b-b7a6-fb3720e0baca_zps1a9bdcba.jpg

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  1. Okay, I'm totally putting this into next weeks meal plan but without the olives. We don't really love olives. Do you think that would be okay? Also really craving that cauliflower pasta that you made for us. So good!

    1. Yea it would totally be ok without the olives - especially if you don't like them! Have you ever tried them fresh from the olive bar at like Whole Foods or Marianos? I HATE canned olives, but I CRAVE the ones from the bar! Haha glad you liked the cauliflower pasta - that is so easy... I'll make you some more soon! XO


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