Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My Dear Isaiah | A 3rd Birthday Letter

My Dear Isaiah - the child who made me Momma:
I have never been so scared in my life than during the time I was pregnant with you.
The doctors said you wouldn't survive my deformed uterus from day one, but I opened my heart
and decided to love you no matter what. I made the most of the "predicted time" given - as I rocked you,
read stories to you, and sang to you every, single day that you were inside of me.
I prepared to let you go in eager hope of seeing you one day in heaven. I've never prayed so hard.

 photo ca42b987-3fc8-456d-8b9c-f4dac33ad855_zpsa113b11a.jpg

God's ways are such a mystery. I just sit back and smile in awe of the miracles He
has worked in our lives. By His hand alone, you made it into our hearts and arms,
and life has never been the same! We can't imagine our lives without you, Isaiah Maximilian.
Today we are celebrating 3 wonderful years with you and we are so thankful for your little life!

First Day of My Life by Bright Eyes on Grooveshark
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 photo e4284b10-3d06-487b-816f-4ab842c42525_zpsea8ccbea.jpg photo 056ff6fc-fced-4586-8b99-c5235ae49867_zpsea2a638e.jpg photo 8f187df8-b10c-4714-834b-543edec671ee_zps7e3c6655.jpg photo 358b9015-db74-4246-994a-eb7934c04d59_zpsf68095a1.jpg photo dc345c36-d6bc-4506-b407-5dd012c6a8a0_zps3ba2a11b.jpg
 photo b0826042-200a-420b-8aad-baf9b5befe86_zps97a727bc.jpg
 photo 13da46e7-fea7-405d-ab6c-48efa23f8041_zps84bf699b.jpg photo bed57898-19b6-4aa9-bd42-7d91bcaabdf2_zps15c9fe09.jpg
You have such a kind and sensitive spirit. Always seeing the needs of others and
reaching out to help. You are the BEST big brother. Never leaving Judah behind. You are his
favorite buddy. He loves you tremendously. You can be a tad emotional sometimes, but that's ok -
have you seen your parents?!

Soccer has been your sport since you sprung from my womb. Ironic, you were born on the 2nd day of
the World Cup 2010. Coincidence? I think not. Lionel Messi is your hero and if I got a dollar for
every time you've yelled "gooooooooaaaaaaalllllll!", we'd retire now.

You are crazy about music and instruments. Can't wait to see what that turns into! The other day you
took a cell phone charger and stuck it into your guitar and plugged the other end into the wall.
"Electric guitar, momma!" is what you told me. Oh my.

Just like your mother, you are crazy about chocolate and going on adventures.
I love to give you surprises just to see your big, brown eyes light up and dance.
You say the funniest things and like to be the center of attention. Oldest child syndrome?

Jesus is special to you. You are very aware of the suffering He endured for you
and reach out to offer Him comfort on the crucifixes in our home. Jesus loves you too, Zay.
More than momma. More than papa. Run to heaven with us. Don't look back. This world holds
nothing for you in comparison with Your Father in heaven. I want to see you there.
 photo 5cf78c15-1282-49e1-8ba4-f1eee05db9d2_zpsb679f24a.jpg photo af0c63ee-bb20-4486-b875-bfe4609e796e_zpse4727338.jpg photo 2ec5bb99-5c21-43c4-bbfd-ac9390e976a7_zpsa06da29d.jpg
You were the first to make me a momma. The first to touch my heart in ways I never imagined.
The first baby I laughed and cried with. You made me value life more than ever before and remember
that not every day is promised. I love you forever and ever amen, little man.

I'm glad you are here with us to celebrate your 3rd birthday!
May all your sweet wishes come true, MYsaiah.
XO, Momma

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  1. awww happy birthday to Isaiah! such a beautiful letter to your little one!

  2. that is so beautiful. the girls have enjoyed all the pics of when Isaiah was little.


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