Friday, June 14, 2013

He's the Papa

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Most people aren't interested in what I think.
No newspapers or magazines have interviewed me lately in search of my opinions.
Friends aren't dependent on my listening ear or encouragement.
But my children...they are a different story.

"Papa's HOME!!! / Hold you Papa! / Papa, tackle you! /
Papa, read Bible stories. / Papa, look at THIS! / Papa, no work.
Come play with me. Come on! / Papa, WATCH me! Love you Papa!"

There they are. Two beautiful boys exploding with energy, curiosity and emotion.
Two little people made in the image of their father. I love you Isaiah & Judah.

Thirty-three years later, I still check in from time to time with my father.
Oh the words have changed, but the core is the same.
Looking for acceptance, recognition, approval, guidance, and love
from the one man for whom we just can't seem to find a replacement.....Dad.

To my earthly father, thank you for living out a legacy of love that this son so desperately needed.
To my Heavenly Father, thank You for creating me in Your image and being with me every step of the way.
And to my children, may the Lord cover you wherever I come up short. - Nathan

There are not enough beautiful words to describe how I see my husband -
the father of my children. He gives to us so freely, unconditionally...
I think sometimes I take his never-ending well of love and mercy for granted.

He is perfect for us. Always pointing us back to the heart of THE Father -
Our Father in heaven. When I see my children bow their heads low and reverently to pray
before a meal or climb up on the couch with the Bible and ask me to read them a story...
I know. I see. I feel the power of a father who is present, active, seeking to bring the Kingdom
to his children here on earth. He taught them that. Makes my heart ache with joy.

"Jesus is bringing the Spring." That's what our 3 year old tells me on warm, sweet days. Papa told him so.
They are learning to walk with God - to love and live with Him as if they can see Him face to face.
This is the legacy my husband is leaving his children. The legacy he is leaving me.
Such treasures. I am rich. Not dripping in diamonds and romping around in million dollar bills,
but drunk on the happiness that comes from being the wife of a man who fears God
and stands to raise His children as an army to advance the Kingdom. - Brittany

:: hope you get a chance to celebrate the "father" in your life this weekend ::

Happy Father's Day to all the papas out there.
Our lives are so seriously shaped by the love you give us.
LOVE LOVE LOVE to you... and the God in Heaven who fathers us all.

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  1. Such a cool tribute to fatherhood and the place they hold in the family. It really is a great direction to the love of the father. I notice with families without a good example, it is much harder to find and establish that loving relationship with God as they get older.
    Happy Fathers Day to your hubs!

    1. Oh yes - we talk about that often. Just how we as parents, especially "dad", are painting a picture of the heavenly Father... so beautiful how the family can be a mirror image of the Trinity. Happy Father's Day to yours too! Hope your weekend is relaxing and blessed XO


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