Monday, June 17, 2013

Just a Bowl of Strawberries

There are no words today. My heart is exploding with so many different emotions that I don't
know where to begin. Our weekend was one of great joy and grief. My littles were so excited to be
celebrating "papa" - presents and treats... they are practically party animals! We shared
so many sweet moments together. Makes me thankful for the time we are given.

On Saturday we said a final "goodbye" to one of Nathan's best friends.
I kept telling people who asked about what happened that he lost his battle with cancer.
While sitting at his funeral I realized that this man did NOT lose his battle with
cancer, but rather he... WON. Won because he was FAITHFUL to God through it all.
NOT one trial threw him off course. He praised and loved God til the end...

AND THAT IS NOT LOSING, my friends. That is pure victory.

Life is precious, delicate - held in time by the Maker of it all.
We are not here by mistake. There is a plan, a purpose, a mission, a call
that we all must answer. And when our time is up... we just fall asleep.
The world will keep spinning, but will it spin to a different tune because
you made the difference God planned for you to make?

I feel so small sometimes. Just a girl who married a boy and had some kids.
Our life is nothing fancy, but it is heaven on earth to us. Every day I am asking
God what He wants of me - who He wants me to reach out to - who He wants me to love...
and it is in the simplest moments that I see and hear Him clearest.

I stood in a strawberry patch, in the middle of nowhere Illinois, after the funeral
and was captured by purity of the scene. Raw earth beneath our toes, country wind kissing
our faces, and family scattered around on the eager hunt for berries - harvesting LIFE that
God sent to take care of our bodies. Can it all really be this simple?

It was just a few bowls of strawberries that we gathered, but so much more was
bound up in my heart. Seize the moments to love the people in your life - and steal away together
to meet the God of the earth who will meet you one day when your turn comes to fall asleep.

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  1. Love your reflections on winning/losing the battle...

    I lost one of my best friends 4 years ago to a long illness. But every time I picture her now I don't see defeat but instead courage and joyful love in the midst of immense pain and struggle. It is hard to remember sometimes, but you're right, she too won the prize we all should yearn for.

    Love and prayers to you and Nathan as you deal with the pain of doesn't go away but it does get better. xo Erin

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Erin! Amen amen to all that you said. Having an eternal view is such a blessing :-) Love you, friend.

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  3. Oops. I meant to say, this is beautiful. He won :) xo


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