Tuesday, June 25, 2013

You're Ruining My Life

Maybe you've seen these books floating around lately.... mmmmm.... mmm?! Ruining your life too?
That's complete sarcasm btw. These two, bound buddies were at the top of my reading list this summer.
Little did I know that it would start a vicious cycle of

...read a chapter + beat self up + read chapter + beat self up...

Two words: Jen. Hatmaker. What a riot! Love her satirical take on oh... EVERYTHING!
Even if you aren't all "life conscious" and wanting to start your own mutiny against
the rise of excess, you should read Seven just to LAUGH.

She pretty much takes 7 major areas of life that can use purging:
Food, Clothes, Media, Possessions, Waste, Shopping, Stress - and blows up the reality
of the situation in your face so that you cannot walk away unmoved. It is really quite pleasant.

I read the first section on food and found my passion for clean eating REKINDLED.
It'll make ya think twice about LIVING TO EAT, which is practically an Olympic sport here in America,
and inspire you to embrace an EATING TO LIVE mentality. I was moved. My family is gonna freak about
all the super healthy food I have planned for next grocery cycle. Blame, Jen, kids! Blame, Jen.

 photo 22a284d2-a453-4c1a-a147-b79cab971f94_zps3cbf886c.jpg
 photo 33f18420-f5b4-4d74-88bc-e0623d33e92d_zpscb3e6d9a.jpg

I confess: I let the water run when I brush my teeth. I apparently didn't watch enough Barney growing up...
"Oh we never let the water run! No, we never let the water run." Sorry, purple dinosaur.

I turn on the A/C in anticipation of summer, with the excuse - "we need to make sure it works!" -
and then leave it on because it is an act of charity for all who come to visit. Right.

I go through paper towels like trees are manufactured overnight.

I have an extensive wardrobe that I utilize on a daily basis -
the idea of being seen TWICE in the same outfit makes me sigh.
I am pathetic.

I drive 3 blocks to the pool because I'm too lazy to walk.

Repurpose, reuse, reduce, recycle... are pretty verbs that I don't put into action often enough.

And you should have seen me a few years ago! I was the antithesis of treading lightly.
I've come so far, but I'm telling ya, Seven has taken me DEEPER. It's crazy + scary + good.

Seven has brought the sweet winds of change. Thanks for ruining my life, Hatmaker.
She opened the window and is holding me steady as I drink in a view of the REAL world.
The American lifestyle is blinding, but I want to win this battle against excess with my own
family so that we have more room to love God - to love people.

The "out of sight - out of mind" places have been purged in our home, unnecessary items have
been donated, the meal plan has been simplified, we are walking to the pool, turning off the
A/C more often and actually enjoying the HEAT that we long for in the dead of winter!
And growing a garden has been like balm for this super-consumer's heart.

 photo 0c3f2cce-b4e2-4f6b-9813-dbdaa3c28458_zpsc53e6fc5.jpg

And how about Gwyneth Paltrow's new book, It's All Good?!
This has been the cream to my strawberries this summer. I read Hatmaker and was like, "Now what?"
That's when the angels descended from heaven with Gwyn's cookbook, that I am convinced was written
for me and my family... AHHHHHH! A beautiful take on clean-eating.
Page after page of recipes and pictures that make my heart sing. I am LOVING it.

So there you have it. I am thankful to those who "ruin my life" - because in the long
run, it is really making my heart more pure, my footsteps lighter, and my relationship with God
and those I love deeper than ever before.

I wish that Hatmaker and Paltrow had asked me to do a review, but they didn't.
This post is 100% my own opinion.

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  1. I haven't heard of the first book...but it sounds up my alley. I'm in a season of purging. Thx for sharing!

    1. if you are in a season of purging - then you will probably LOVE Seven!!! you'll have to check it out :-)

  2. Sounds like both are great reads. Fingerscrossed the library has em...

    1. yay! Have both on hold. Can't wait to read 'em!

    2. woohoo!!! hope you like them as much as i do!

  3. We've turned off our AC too... after seeing our latest utility bill. Eeesh. Now we only turn it on for a couple hours at a time if its realllly necessary.

    1. kudos to you! the AC is big for me. it is such a luxury to be able to flip a switch and cool off in a matter of minutes! stay cool, my friend!!! thanks for sharing that!

  4. I've read neither book.
    And part of me really wants to and the other part screams more changes that I seem to never do well with.

    Oh that clean eating, how I long for it and yet my budget screams it'll never work.

    1. baby steps, right?! it's a process... one that i think will run til the day we all day. every year seems to bring new ideas/changes for our family and i have to remind myself to take it slowly!

      i am amazed how affordable clean eating can be when we scratch off all the animal-products/processed food on our grocery list. i just have to make myself grab a carton of strawberries over a bag of potato chips for a snack. it seems to even out for us with swapping items like that :-) if it is something you want--- i only hope to encourage you to achieve that goal!!! with God all things are possible!!! XO sista!!!

  5. oh excited to read jen's book for sure! downloading on the nook ;)

    1. it's a good one!!! enjoy every page, Maria!!!

  6. seven sounds like a great book. a simplified life is really what we all need! and girl, i let the water run too. barney would be very disappointed, and dontcha know i know the entire song. now i'm gonna have it in my head all day! :)

    1. oh no! that song is SO annoying!!!! but it's nice to know that i'm not alone. it is such a bad habit--- one that i am determined to break! you too?!

  7. Seven is definitely inspirational and conscience-stirring. Even though I've considered myself fairly frugal in my lifestyle, I see there are so many places where I can afford to cut back. Good for you making some great, concrete resolutions to live less "excessively." :)
    Now, I need to get my hands on Paltrow's book.....

    1. i think that's what it did for me, Laurel--- showed me how i could do MORE! i love that. Paltrow's book is uuuuhmazing if you are in to clean eating! i can't stop pouring over the pages. worth every penny!!!

  8. You already know I love "It's All Good" and I'm thinking I should read Seven! My sister in law read it and found it really challenging


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