Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A String of Sundays

This year we decided to take vacation time and just BE.
It was like 10 Sundays all in a row. No planes to catch, rental cars to pick up,
clothing and menu planning to be done... we just put everything on hold and did whatever
we felt like doing! It was glorious. I highly recommend stay-cations.
It's amazing what magic you can create in your own backyard with the people you love.

We took walks and rode bikes.
We went exploring and swam like fish.
There were picnics and family naps.
There was time to read and watch old movies... Cary Grant, anyone?! *swoon*
We took time to help others and tend the garden.

So refreshing to just be still and let the world spin by.

We stepped into a small town and got lost in the coziness and familiarity of a slower pace.
4th of July fireworks in the country are the best.

There was the scent of popcorn and the music of laughing children in the air.
Friendly faces were spread across the lawn as "stars exploded" (according to Judah) over the fields.
It was their first time seeing fireworks and the awe in their eyes is testimony to that.

Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July holiday!
Know that you were on my heart and mind - in my prayers -
as I enjoyed my string of Sundays.

I am blessed to share this space with you
and am excited to be back!!!

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  1. oh how nice. always so good to breathe it all in and enjoy your loved ones! i need to take a page from your book. each time i take a day off, i end up spending it cleaning!

    1. oh man - don't clean!!! i know. it's hard. it seriously took me 24 hours to unwind and let go for our stay-cation. i just wanted to keep doing my normal routine, housework, laundry, etc. but once i set my mind to letting go it was UUUUHMAZING!!!


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