Tuesday, April 1, 2014

This is for the birds.

No seriously, this is for the birds.

My precious sister sent my boys a "craft-in-a-box" care package last week.
This is such a fun idea on so many levels!!! She included all the tools necessary to do
TWO springtime crafts (glue sticks AND an instruction manual?!) -
it was like Kiwi Crate all over again, but with such a personal, loving touch!

Within minutes of opening the package, my kids were begging to put the bird feeders
together. For some reason they thought THEY were going to get to eat the peanut butter
and bird seed. They were disappointed when I told them, "no." Like I was trying to save
their lives our something. Mothers.

Had to share this idea though!
It would be fun to pack up and send to some little ones that you
love, or just make at home with your own...


Empty toilet paper rolls
Popsicle sticks
Paper hole punch
Peanut butter + a spreading tool
Bird seed + paper plate


Spread peanut butter all over toilet paper roll (that you have hole-punched in four places /
two lined up holes for the popsicle stick and two for the string). Roll in bird seed. Insert
popsicle stick. Tie on string for hanging in the tree. Go feed some birds! Or squirrels.

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  1. I can remember doing this in elementary school...I loved watching it every morning!


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