Thursday, March 3, 2016

Choosing a MLM Company

I wasn't looking for a job. I wasn't even entertaining MLM companies or doing any research
into the pros + cons of all the options available to the stereotypical stay-at-home mom like me.
For years people have asked me to do and share and "go business" with it all.

Seriously, name the company -- I've been pitched.

In fact, if you would have told me that I would be part of a multi-level-marketing
organization one year ago, I probably would have laughed in your face, "Yea right!"

And here we are! Ta-da! I feel like I should do a little tap dance or something?!

I can't even believe it myself, really. But here's the deal...

In the past three years of building and loving a social media platform + community
through blogging and all -- I have been so adamant about choosing and sharing
products and companies that I would naturally use, support and rally behind
in real time - my non-virtual life.

True story. One time I almost took on a campaign to share a CIGAR COMPANY! Can you
imagine?! The money was lucrative. I could have made it work. Lol. But my husband helped talk
me off of that NON REALITY cliff so I could stick to my POV. Because I love ya...

and I'm true to my heart. Like Mulan.

Young Living didn't come easy either, btw. In fact, I'd say our relationship was
more like the guy who wouldn't stop asking me out. For years and years I played hard to
get and spat out all the skeptical remarks... and then one day, I said, "Sure, I'll try."

I think I became the desperate one, looking for more answers, solutions -- ways to
lessen the chemical impact on our home and help our bodies + immune systems naturally!!!
And the community (education, classes, support, friendship, etc.) that comes with it all?!
Beautiful. Priceless. Better than a Visa commercial.

I never looked back. Now we're married and having babies... JK JK.
I didn't marry Young Living. This isn't Brother Husbands, ok?! But I'll blow them a kiss!

Truth is, I'll be using Young Living whether I share about them or not. And I thought about it.
I thought about just keeping this on the DL and going on my merry way...

But it's become such a huge part of my daily routine now and brought so many good, blessed
changes into our lives -- including helping support my very whacked out thyroid! And I'm just
like, "HOW CAN I NOT SHARE THIS?!?!?!?"

People need to know.

Because what if it can help them?
Or make a difference?
Change a story?

That's something I want to be part of.

Plus Young Living is a rock solid company with good morals + ethics -- like you can't CALL
Customer Service on a Sunday! I love that. Their Seed to Seal promise and sustainable farming practices and world relief efforts ---

Seed to Seal - Web HD from OolaLife on Vimeo.

Don't mind me. You'll just find me frolicking in fields of lavender over here... haha.
But seriously.

So yup. This is why I'm sharing Young Living.

And slowly, but surely, I'm getting over the fact that there JUST IS a stigma attached
with multi-level-marketing. Some people like it. Some people don't.

Some people will unfollow me, unfriend me, whatever...

But it won't be said that Brittany Vail wasn't true to herself and to her audience.
I share about my REAL life here. And Young Living is now part of my REAL life. #hearts

In fact, I'm pretty sure God used it to SAVE my life...
but more on that later!!!

If you'd like to chat more about Young Living or learn about how to get started,
please don't hesitate to reach out? Shoot me an email:
or catch me over on my essential oils INSTAGRAM @oilwellsociety


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  1. Im the exact same... it has been such an unlikely--but surprising journey!

  2. girl. this is so good. i love how you are approaching this. love you!! xoxoxo

    1. Aw thanks. Yea just putting it out there and keeping it real!


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