Monday, April 8, 2013

My Man of Surprises

I am married to a man who is full of surprises! He makes my world so special.
I thank God for him. He has a history of planning some of the most precious moments of my life.
My 26th birthday is now part of that history.

April 4th, 2013 - 6AM - I received my first "Happy Birthday" from my husband who was up,
showered, and ready to go... telling me I had to get out of bed!
What should I wear?
Are the kids coming?
Should I pack them some snacks?
How long are we going to be gone?
Is make-up necessary?
Do I look cute enough?
What shoes?
Where's my breakfast?
Did you take the day off work?


I bombed him with questions for the next hour.
He just kept smiling.

Confession: I have issues with LETTING GO. I am a routine girl that thrives on HAVING A PLAN.
Nathan shook my world... and it was awesome! Reminded me that I need to let go and trust God more too.

He had everything planned to perfection.
I was a little shocked. Not gonna lie. He did good.

I did not change one diaper or outfit for my kids, I didn't pack a diaper bag, I didn't make any food
for anyone, and I didn't lift a finger to do housework ALL DAY...
y'all my husband is AWESOME. As in cooler than silly putty!

 photo 1e65a6f8-2dc8-4d42-86eb-470be403f492_zps74760709.jpg
I have a thing for pancakes. I have an even bigger thing for pancakes with marscapone and fresh berries!
Nathan found a small joint that made us gluten-free pancakes for my birthday breakfast!!!
Then a walk on the beach. Perfect. Such nice weather too.
The sun felt warm and Lake Michigan was beautiful!
 photo dcf596a1-5900-4de1-9b8e-4d39cb6798cf_zps1b7aa1c9.jpg
 photo b0ebd5a8-d91e-4c4d-bc87-b5b36527a89a_zpsc5e948af.jpg photo be4a7ec6-a97a-411f-abc4-c689c623b0f9_zps80263d32.jpg photo b0c51f1a-07b8-45fb-83fd-8a91e5a8fa5e_zps4cb463e5.jpg photo d9de3828-cf73-444d-aa90-f090cf3560e4_zps9a768275.jpg
 photo 0ecf44a6-4353-453d-9bb0-19de4af380f2_zps7f8fa55b.jpg photo d2978e7c-3885-42a3-b7b3-05d3c3ba7bb3_zpsbf2cf2c5.jpg photo a2536fdf-beb0-420a-8ca4-22433940f7c9_zps51523e75.jpg
I love him. I love him. I love him.
Paper Source. Oh my goodness. My dream store. Went on a little shopping spree here!
Then lunch at Rose's Bakery. SUCH A TREAT. It was BEYOND AMAZING to walk into this place
and be able to order ANYTHING I wanted - the whole menu is gluten-free and mostly dairy free!
My husband catered to the little foodie in me!!!
 photo e173a42d-69cf-4e68-a48e-e4ea31d2365d_zps121a0885.jpg photo 800b48df-eb0a-4629-8465-2208620effa1_zpse5e668fe.jpg photo 378d5bf1-e987-4837-a65a-0d6bf9288c4b_zps8c67c1bf.jpg photo 72768a3f-df2f-4e41-85cd-600cdf2f6443_zpsfd9db722.jpg photo 9f3d56f4-b37e-4111-a2a8-5822267373f2_zps43efb0b5.jpg

... Birthday Cake from Rose's ...

 photo fee1bcc6-b14c-4e88-b53e-2e28b43d13ea_zpsf198b613.jpg
Get this! We rolled home for naptime and who should be on my doorstep?
One of my best friends! With flowers + chocolate covered strawberries...
ready to take our kids for the rest of the night!!! LOVE you, Kayci!!!

Went to Hot Woks Cool Sushi for dinner!
Mega Vega roll!!! Can you call a vegan roll "sushi"???

Ended the night at a super cool Blue's bar in the city!!! Totally my thing. Loved that!
 photo 6fda7b95-b12d-4576-9c3c-12681305091f_zps1224541d.jpg photo 1534c22d-ac97-451a-8770-9a4f9070f24e_zps117c6483.jpg

Happy wishes for momma. I cried when Isaiah sung Happy Birthday to me.
I can't believe how fast he is growing. These boys are my greatest gifts.

 photo 89c0f8b7-9e50-4a87-b49b-aebb497e956b_zps6e234078.jpg photo c52e76b7-af1e-44cf-8649-09f057012148_zpsb43f8d0e.jpg

I told Nathan that taking a family walk in the sun on the beach was enough.
All my joy is in the moments spent with my men. They are my world. I am blessed.
So cliche. But it is true. And I love that when Nathan surprises me I am reminded
of my Father in Heaven who longs to surprise me too! He longs to surprise ALL of us!
That is something worth celebrating!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes and love!!! I am a lucky girl!


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  1. SUCH a sweet birthday, oh my gosh! I am just smiling to myself reading this and looking at the photos. I have the same trouble letting go and not having a plan too! But I am so happy to see you let go and had such a wonderful birthday with your men. Birthdays are my favorite! :)

  2. Sounds like a wonderful birthday! Your husband is so sweet for planning it all!

  3. how sweet!!! im so glad you had a wonderful day. happy belated birthday! :)


  4. Perfection. Looks like the best day ever. So happy for you! Happy 26th :)

  5. So SWEET. So glad you had a great birthday girl!! Us girls.. lucky to be married to sweet men named Nathan :)

  6. Kudos to your man. It is great when they pay attention to such details. :) SO happy your birthday was wonderful.

  7. That's so sweet. Sounds like an EXCELLENT birthday :)

  8. oh what a lovely birthday story :)I love how faithful God is through our husbands!! Happiest wishes to you!!

  9. sounds fabulous! happy belated birthday!

  10. So sweet! You're such a good momma! :)


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