Monday, June 16, 2014

Things You Didn't Say When We Were Dating

True to pregnant lady form, I frantically scoured the shelves at Whole Foods for a box of
pudding that I just had to have. An employee gently asks, "Can I help you?"
Me: "Why yes!" I NEEEEEEED a box of pudding!"
Worker: "My wife was pregnant once, I know how this goes."
Me: "Mmmmm hmmmm... pudding?"
Worker: "I'm sure your husband would drive to Indianapolis to get you what you are craving!"
Me: "I doubt it. This is our third and he's pretty much like: get over it."

First year of marriage? First baby? Sure. But here we are, going on 5 years...
and I'm driving MYSELF to the local El Burrito Loco to eat my weight in tacos!
Mainly because I can't wait for him to get home from work, and partly because
I'm embarrassed by how much my pregnant body can eat!

Often I hear people say, "Marriage changes things." And it usually has such a negative
ring to it. It's true that things change when you get married - to be expected, right?!
Marriage isn't dating and dating isn't marriage - obviously - and each of those seasons
come with their own set of unique blessings and challenges. Oh I believe you should "date your spouse"
and all. Keep the romance, connection, fireworks, "whatever makes you happy" - kindled, alive, and
burning for 50+ years of "I DO"!!! But don't let people fool you into thinking that marriage is going
to "change things" for the worse. Marriage can be the most painfully awesome adventure of your life!!!
It's what you make of it. Make love. Make war. Make babies. Make-out. Make-up. Make peace.

Make marriage work! Here's to the little things that mean the most.

Me: "Don't kiss me with chapstick all over your lips."
Nathan: "It has come to this."

Nathan: "Can I have a drink from your water bottle?"
Me: "Sure, don't put your mouth on it."
Nathan: "Are you kidding?"
Me: "No, you could give me germs."
Nathan: "We swap more germs making-out than sharing water bottles."
Nathan: "5 years of marriage. 5 years. And now we don't share drinks."

Me: "Remember when you wrote me notes?"
Nathan: "Yea."
Me: "I think the last time was 4 or 5 months ago. I don't like notes anyway."
Nathan: "HA!"
Me: "No, seriously - if you write me a note TOMORROW because I mentioned this...
it will mean nothing. It's got to be YOUR idea or I'll just shred it."
Nathan: "You are something else."

Nathan: "Hey, we're going to watch soccer."
Me: "But I was going to watch Food Network!"
Nathan: "Aw sorry, babe. You can watch Food Network. LATER."

Nathan: "It smells like dog in here."
Me: "Weeeeell, I can assure you there is NO dog in the house."
Nathan: "I think it's the meatloaf."
Me: "I think you need to stop talking right now."

Nathan: "It annoys me that you leave the drain out of the sink all the time!"
Me: "Oh yea? Well, it annoys me that you point the shower head towards the curtain!"
5 years ago I know a compromise could be met. Now we just hold our ground and smirk. Bliss.

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  1. seriously laughing out loud. i've had very similar conversations!!

  2. YESSSSSS! So feeling this right now- J and I are on our 7th anniversary (today), and while I can say I never anticipated some of the things I've heard coming out of my mouth, the surprises are a blast.

    1. I know, right?! I think most of us would be like "I would NEVER say that" - back when we were dating! Oh the joy of "growing up" - "more comfortable" with your spouse!!! It's a good time! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! XO

  3. Laughed OUT LOUD and heartily when I read the meatloaf one

  4. This post is hilarious! Love it! My husband says to me daily after I put on my lip gloss: "Yea, I'm gonna kiss your cheek--your lips are too sticky" LOL

    And I just read your post about how your husband looks like Andrew Garfield Spider-Man. And after going through your posts--WOW what a resemblance! :)

    1. It's funny how things change! Lol. I love it though - they way we become so comfortable with each other! Feels like "home" <3

      Haha yea - you wouldn't be believe how many texts and all we received when the FIRST Spiderman came out with Garfield... I didn't believe people! Not identical, but I think Nathan could pass as his stunt double!


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