Thursday, October 8, 2015

Kiwi Crate and Craziness

The other day I had just packed my biological sardines into the van after successfully,
not without tears, braving my holy trinity of grocery stores: Costco, Trader Joe's and Whole Foods.
I was patting myself on the back real big as we glided onto the interstate; music blaring,
baby sleeping and a whole carton of peanut butter cups in my lap. Life is good.

And then my five year old piped up, "Hey, mom, I gotta pee."

OF COURSE I FORGOT TO HAVE THEM ALL PEE. *bangs head on steering wheel*
But I have peanut butter cups. Angels sing. If only very quietly.

"Like bad bad, buddy!?" I hopefully question.

Next thing I know, I'm pulled over with a van full of children and groceries in the middle
of rush hour Chicago on the side of the road explaining that I firmly believe, with all my
heart, that toddler boys can pee in a plastic water bottle.

We laughed so hard I was crying. I looked at my other son and asked him if he wanted
to take a shot at the bottle. He said, "Um no," in between maniacal bouts of laughter.

"Don't drink out of the water bottle, mom!" was the joke all the long way home.

I feel like this sums up my life right now.

It's just crazy. Two days go by and I think I have a routine down and then BAM -
a certain baby doesn't sleep through the night and I'm making dinner in my pajamas.

My dear sister reminded me, "That's parenthood, Brittany."
And that same dear sister, God bless her, recently sent a KIWI CRATE our way!!!
That was a nice segue, right?! And so nice of her!

It was for Judah's 4th birthday and the thrill was intense. My boys are like *tight*
so the joy was shared all around! They were so happy -- and I was so happy -- knowing that
EVERYTHING we need (down to emergency "back-up" glue) to create a couple really cool crafts
to go along with a theme and story was in that box! I suck at kid craft time. I kissed the box.

KIWI CRATE offers a monthly subscription where a specially curated box full of craft happiness
comes to your house for your little one! Or send it off as a birthday present like my sister did!
Or Christmas present! Or "just because" from grandma!

For us it is also a nice supplement to our homeschool routine!
Where the art department struggle is real.

P.S. Right now you can use code: SAVE25 at check-out to save 25%
on your first month PLUS you'll get free shipping with that! Wha what?!?

This box was a Western theme -- so we made a horse.
Pretty sure my boys named him "Hookey."

My boys also did their first little sewing project! They made these little bags for a
"rodeo" toss!!! SO. CUTE. I am keeping these forever. And will awkwardly give them to their wives
when they get married some day. Ok probably not. HA.

"Buddy, I'm so glad you got a KIWI CRATE," are the words exchanged as this picture was shot.
I kid you not. I am not making this up. Can you even handle this brother love?!

Check it out and always always ALWAYS have your kids pee before a long trip home.
Rookie parents. They get distracted by peanut butter cups.

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  1. Love the post! PS. where did you get the super cute bedspreads for the boys' beds?


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